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  1. No we haven't cashed it! We have sat on it for a month (Xmas etc) - disappointed but unsure if we could challenge it. We will take your advice & write to YBS first & see what happens. Thanks again. Will post here with results.
  2. Thankyou...it makes sense to me. I very much appreciate your help in clarifying this. So - time to send a SAR & go back into battle.
  3. The latter. The argument which has (obviously slowly) dawned on me is that as the endowment was mis-sold, the need for PPI as a potential repayment vehicle was therefore also mis-sold.
  4. Looks like we have made a pig's ear of this, through ignorance. We claimed for both accounts on the same form. Will they now be able to say we are too late (past the August 29th deadline) if we send a SAR now?
  5. Thanks for your reply. No we haven't asked them why they've ignored the endowment PPI claim yet. And no - we didn't know about SARs! We filled in the questionnaire they sent us after we made the initial complaint(s).
  6. Is the fact that we won our claim for having been missold an endowment mortgage relevant with regard to our claim for PPI for the same mortgage? We complained to YBS re 2 mortgages, the first, the endowment mortgage from 1989-2001, the 2nd a repayment mortgage which ran from 2001-2004. My husband became self-employed in 1996 but I doubt he told YBS this until we moved to the repayment mortgage in 2001. YBS agree that we had reason to complain regarding the PPI we were charged on this mortgage & have sent a cheque. However, although they mention that this includes interest of 8% for premiums paid on or after 1st April 1993, & 15% per year for premiums paid before 1st April 1993, they appear to have ignored the question of repayment of premiums from 1989-2001 (these were around £48 per month, whereas on the repayment mortgage, they were £24.10 per month). We are considering referring our complaint to the FOS, as YBS seem to be ignoring our complaint re the endowment mortgage.
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