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  1. NatWest Loan £20k – I took this out in April 2003 and signed up in Branch in New Malden. From April 2003 I claimed several times on the Payment Protection Insurance. They paid this out for 7 years but it did not pay off the loan and there is £9,500 left owing. I have made several formal complaints about this, one was upheld and the other not upheld. I did not initially take the complaints to the ombudsman. The last complaint letter was received July 2019 from NatWest. They refer to the decision of the last complaint which was not in your favour. This resolution was in 23rd May 2017. They say I can take this decision to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They give me a deadline of 6 months of this letter. I'm preparing a new complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. I wish to build a strong case against NW for defaulting a loan for £32k while a PLP (PPI) claim was ongoing. I can show that they doing this has preventing getting 4 mortgages, and buying three most houses, which has cost me hundreds of thousands of £. I'm looking for some legal help in building a solid case against them. They have treated me very badly, as I'm disabled and won't even accept F&FS offers.
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