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  1. Sorry I thought that the dealer had "sent" the notification of change of keeper either electronically or by snail mail. besides that I may be naive but surely the KISS strategy would be best in these situations i.e. If there was no keeper on record at the time of the alleged offence, as evidenced by the cancellation / non renewal of DD, then how can anyone be penalised/prosecuted for an offence?
  2. Interpretation act applies, they cannot rebut presumed delivery. No statutary requirement to chase for any info
  3. In the same position, bought car from dealer May 2018 set up DD only for DVLA to cancel 12 months later due to no registered keeper. Their website says you can not tax a car without registered keeper. Have complained via their procedure ( still ongoing) but they still want to take me to court for penalty £93. Have had a reply which states their system allows for third party to tax car and that there is no requirement for a registered keeper. So if no keeper needed why not continue with DD?
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