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  1. Barclaycard - mid 2015 Mbna - late 2017 Tesco - Feb 2018 Halifax - Oct 2018 i have always been making payments on time even through these last few months where I’ve experienced very tough times. appreciate your response. thansk
  2. Hi @dx100uk many thanks for your response. I’ve had both personal loans for under a year: Tesco - attained April 19 - payments made from April 19 - Jan 2020 Halifax - attained September 19 - payments made from October 19 - Jan 2020.
  3. Hi All, I’m after some help regarding my current circumstances. I’ve been going through mental health issues over the past few months. Which has led to me to work part time as this moment of time. I have a debt of around 25k in personal loans and 15k in credit cards. I’m in a position whereby I can not afford to pay anything towards these debts. What is the best solution towards this as I have to pay £550 towards the personal loans and around £300 for the credit card debts. I would be grateful for your advice as this moment of time I could do with someone that can help me find a way through this mess I am in. To follow up with additional information: personal loans: 15k with Tesco bank 9.5k with Halifax bank credit cards: 3.5k Barclaycard 4k MBNA 3.5k Halifax 4k Tesco bank I would be grateful if anyone can advise what to do in my current circumstances. thanks @dx100uk would appreciate if you could look into this. Thanks kind regards,
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