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  1. Ah, ok, thanks for the response. (not sure what you mean about having no internet, you must be outside the UK? - makes me worried about the quality of your advice?) No offence, but I notice it's only you who seems so sure on these paypal threads, is there anyone else on "cag" please? It's the best news ever if I can just ignore, and I will do. But forgive me for taking the word of a person who can't even get a constant internet connection! lol. Anyone else able to confirm what the poster above says please... It will really put my mind at rest (and right now maybe even allow to gamble more on paypal if it's all for free! Fantastic!)
  2. No? I see you still online dx100uk - I'd appreciate your advice please, it's quite urgent....
  3. No offence taken. Thanks. I'll wait for this advice... (edit - honeybee13 I wasn't referring to you, dx100uk simply replied with a symbol I didn't understand and was hoping for clarification as it seems on all the paypal threads he is the one who is so sure about things. I'm hoping he may come back to clarify...
  4. Ah okay, I hadn't realised you were volunteers. My bad. Okay, well if anyone can answer my question (using words rather than confusing symbols) I'd appreciate it as I'm really scared right now. Judging by all the other threads similar to mine it looks like I don't have to pay it back, but the only person who seems to be sure is answering in childish graphics now so I'm a bit worried!!! Ta. Jo.
  5. I look forward to some mature helpful responses... thanks...
  6. What does it mean though? Isn't it something children use? I don't quite understand - you've got to be over 18 to use this website correct? Apologies if I misunderstood...
  7. I don't understand what emoticons mean? Can you speak as an adult please...
  8. I had a meltdown last night due to a bottle of brandy which disagreed with me. I went crazy and used my PayPal account to take a shot at being a big player online at PaddyPower. Inevitably I lost. My bad move, I own it. I didn't have the money in my linked bank account. I've now cancelled it all. However, googling it I came across your site where you say beyond a few threatening empty letters there is nothing Paypal can do because they can't take me to court from Luxembourg? I don't believe in debt avoidance, but nor do I believe being held to account for a drunken moment of madness when they shouldn't have authorized the payments because I never had the money in my bank account to start with!! I'd be really greatful if the posters who feel so sure that Paypal do nothing would confirm it to me please.
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