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  1. hi any help on this would be appreciated purchased car from dealer march 2018 set up direct debit for tax (giving name address email and phone number at the same time) check dd went out one month later which it did. forgot about it and moved on with life June 2019 (15 months on) i wake up to find over night my car had be clamped due to not paying tax Call DVLA they tell me they never 'received' the V5 from the dealer so the car had no registered keeper. because of this they stopped the direct debit after taking it for 12 months with no warning to me. to get the car unclamped I paid £150 fine and paid for new tax straight away (before they would remove the clamp) at the same time on the recommendation of the DVLA i sent a V62 so they could register the car to me and send me a new V5. 2 months later I get a fine for none payment of tax and the missing tx (£165) the DVLA cancelled the direct debit with no warning yet im stuck with a fine after already paying for the clamp to be removed! i appealed and got a generic 'its your fault' letter back and threatening court action if i dont pay it. would I, and common sense stand a chance against the DVLA in Court? ps and as an aside it was a temp car bought to tow a caravan 2 days later i scrapped it for £130, if i had been better informed i should of just let them tow it away.
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