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  1. Can i just send money to paypal throught a transfer and add my account number as a ref? It doesn't let me set up a BACS without calling and the lines are overused due to corona
  2. So far nothing happened. Can i use my bank account to pay the paypal credit without them being able to take anymoney without my approval? or can i used a prepaid debit card to pay it off?
  3. So i contacted the bank again and i told them about the regulation and they couldn't refuse to cancel by CPA. I recorded the call and according to them my CPA is cancelled
  4. I contacted the bank they said they can only cancel DD
  5. My transaction is still pending. I'm not able to remove my bank account but i was able to remove my debit card. Are they still allowed to take funds from my account?
  6. I've my card is removed they won't be able to CPA right?
  7. so i guess they will be able to take money from my account right?
  8. I had a debit card registered with them which i removed already,
  9. I called the bank and they told me i just had to cancel any DD from Paypall and they wouldn't be able to take any money from my account. Let's see what happens
  10. How can i use bacs faster payment without adding my bank account to it?
  11. Good afternoon. i got 2900 pounds in debt from paypal regarding a betting addiction when i didn't have the money available in my account! I also got 1500 pounds in paypal credit. My question is can i pay in full the debt from the credit and ignore the paypal balance one? They don't let me remove my bank account from the system due to the payments being pending. Regards
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