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  1. Thanks for all your input, I can pay this back but im struggling - I may have to contact a debt relief agency. I wonder if they could help. Maybe cut the interest and fee's and just pay back the debt in my current situation would even help.
  2. So that gives Paypal the authority to take me to court if I don't pay their debt? I digitaly signed their terms and conditions...but with them not being in the UK and off in Lux can I still walk away from it?
  3. So they could take me to court? I believe Paypal credit is availble in other countries too.
  4. Is Paypal and Paypal credit the same thing? in which case could Paypal Credit take you to court if you walked away from a £4k debt?
  5. Hello all, Ive had a look through the forum as much as I could but thought id post my situation anyway. I have read alot of posts about Paypal and DCA that Paypal hire not being able to take you to court etc because they are in Luxemburg. I have a debt with Paypal Credit for just over £4000 which I am unable to pay in my current situation and the minimum payments and late fees are just mounting up. So could I just walk from this ? Obviously I understand they will try calling me and sending me threatening letters etc, but im happy to deal with that for awhile as long as I could wipe my hands with this debt... Is it really true Paypal do not take people to court ever? I am in the UK I could deal with some letters to throw in the bin and some numbers to block, but I don't want court papers coming through the door...
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