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  1. Yes, copies to both and printed for me to take on Friday.
  2. Brilliant, once I have corrected those points do you think it is good to go? I have covered everything? I am all of a fluster! Thanks again Andy you have been so helpful in this matter, I would have been lost without you! Lotty
  3. Could you glance your ever so helpful eyes over this before I tidy up and submit much appreciated! ws bwLegal.pdf
  4. Thank you, is it also worth noting that at the time I was un employed and suffering from pnd?
  5. ok, I have made a start now, do I use the numbers on their statemnt and reply to them or set my own out?
  6. the Lloyds account that was on the doccuments is the joint account. I stopped using the joint account when i moved out, I went on to use my Natwest one which I still use to this day. This account was actually closed 07/09/15, the customer services advisor just confirmed on the phone. They do not hold any records for this payment going out. There was various payday loans but not from Payday Express or any of its t/a names. Due to being over 6 years ago they are not obliged to keep all records of closed accounts. I did not have a computer at thi
  7. It was closed years ago, about the same year this all happened. It has also gone off my credit file. I ment the same just worded differently sorry. It was a joint account, I stopped using it when I split from my husband. Because the account was never used it was closed.
  8. It was a joint account that I stopped using that was registered at the old address.
  9. No i didn't have any phone calls from them apart from 2 weeks ago! I have read that they are known for harrasment, but I didn't hear? Do you think that would be a possible way to go? That account is closed though now but it was never registered at the address the loan was taken out. In fact I don't have anything with that address on it
  10. He could well of done, but it would mean I have to prove that wouldn't it?
  11. Sorry, here is the entire WS in pdf format. I have just found a credit report fron Experian dating back to 2017 and it does not show a default from Payday express or any T/A companies. WS.pdf
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