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  1. I rang Swindon , looks like it’s not a new case but one dating back to 2018. This was one that was paid off in full in instalments. but the court states there’s still £100 or so left on the account. I have a last payment on my bank statement, to martson, equaling the amount stated by the court. Where have marston pulled this £450 ponds from?! Guess I wil have to ring them??
  2. Sorry, I dont really understand this legal stuff - So they have no power to enforce at the address that this letter was sent to ? So should I ignore this letter, and go directly through the courts?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have only received one letter. It states i owe £450.00, and it mentions I have 14 days to pay or contact discuss specific circumstances, or an enforcement agent will be visiting the property. I read the thread you have posted, but unsure about some of the language. What would be the best thing to do? I downloaded the Statuary Declaration form that was in the thread, but im not really sure what this means. Do I fill this out and send it to the court and notify Marston im doing so ?
  4. It doesnt say on the letter, but i believe its Southern Rail, but its now been passed on to Swindon courts
  5. Last year I bought a day return ticket thinking it was an open return. Got on the train the next day, got stopped and didn't have enough money to purchase another one. I was not issued with a penalty notice at the time, as the ticket inspector said that the case was to be 'reviewed'. A few months later, I had received nothing in the post about any penalty so I assumed it was dropped. I moved out that accommodation (student) in August 2019, having received nothing about it up to that date. Fast forward to now, I have received a £450 Marston fine at my parent's home in a completely different city to where I currently live and study. It says a "court order" has been made against me as I have not replied no any previous letters. This is the first letter I have received about the case, I had no idea this was escalating. The letter was dated 06/1/20, but I have just opened it upon returning from University. In the letter it says i have 14 days to reply or pay, or an enforcement officer will be attending the property. I don't even live here! Is there anyway I can reduce this fine and stop bailiffs attending ? I don't really know what to do
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