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  1. hi. i think they will be able to say manifest error that the markets stipulated some interest payment. but the amount depends on central banks / libor rate ect and the amount of currency held and the length of time held. but they have deducted far too much so i am just wandering what sort of breaches i could write in the poc thank you
  2. hi all just a quick question. brief summary. i had an account at a forex broker, where i traded a currency vs another. i held it the trade (position) for about a week and then sold the trade (closed the position). i had a profit of around 10k. then the broker confiscated(stole) all the profit citing they made an error with the interest they should have charged me for holding this large trade/position. they claimed it was a manifest error, and furthermore claimed that they had been charged this interest by the banks where they copy my trade in the markets. i l
  3. Dear everyone I am in a predicament and really need advice. I booked an easyjet ticket for my whole family for October 1. I later PHONED easyjet to change the tickets for 2 january. Easyjet told me it would cost £200 for the change of date. In the phone call I entered my credit card details into the automatic system and then the customer service agent CONFIRMED that the change had gone through. A few days before the flight for 2 jan I phoned easyjet again, and they denied that I had made a date change. I had to prove through call recordings that I
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