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  1. Dear everyone I am in a predicament and really need advice. I booked an easyjet ticket for my whole family for October 1. I later PHONED easyjet to change the tickets for 2 january. Easyjet told me it would cost £200 for the change of date. In the phone call I entered my credit card details into the automatic system and then the customer service agent CONFIRMED that the change had gone through. A few days before the flight for 2 jan I phoned easyjet again, and they denied that I had made a date change. I had to prove through call recordings that I was correct and easyjet agreed. BUT because the date now was 28 dec they told me that the flight for 2 jan was full! I asked for the 600 euro compensation for cancelled/denied flight. Easy jet agreed that theoretically I am entitled to the cancelled/denied flight compensation, but then turned round and said that £200 card payment had not been charged to my card and therefore the booking was NOT considered a CONFIRMED booking. (p.s. I had never checked my statements beforehand, and it turned out that It was not charged.). Furthermore I had never received any correspondence from easyjet that my payment had not gone through. Therefore easyjet claimed that in their t&c’s only a confirmed purchased booking is eligible for 600 euro compensation and since the payment had not gone through this was a non-confirmed purchased booking. My feeling is that since I did everything that I should have done, Plus they told me initially on the phone that my change to the jan 2 flight was confirmed, that I should be eligible for compensation. Please let me know your views on the matter and it would be extremely helpful if anyone could provide me a link to show to easyjet to help me in my case Thank you so much
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