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  1. Do i have to pay for the n245 ? I haven't had any bill for this year yet when i phone them i will get information on bill payments etc for this years
  2. I have just found my original ccj agreement letter and I'm completely wrong my ccj was actually given to me in 2018 i thought i had it beginning of last year the debt on the ccj is £1591.95 On the enforcement letter its saying the original debt before they added enforcement fees is £1560.34 so I've been paying £10 per month since August 2018 why haven't all my payments been taken off
  3. Well I'm not currently paying anything to the water for this years use i had the ccj last year and last years rates were included in that debt even though at the time i was considering moving so didn't want the years rate included On the enforcement letter at the top it says high court enforcement group limited
  4. Thank you for all your help i will call both welsh water and the enforcement officer first thing on monday and hopefully can get something sorted i will update on outcome I did ask welsh water for help before when i received a letter about the original ccj but they said it was too late for them to offer any as it had gone to legal stage before i hadn't even opened welsh water letters just put them in the draw had i not done this i would have avoided the ccj in the 1st place (lesson definitely learnt)
  5. The enforcement officer has never been into my property he's not yet even called i received a letter today informing me they are going to the debt is for a ccj to a water company which i was paying monthly but missed nov and dec payment the enforcement letter just says high court enforcement group limited
  6. The original ccj amount was set when i returned the pack to the court with a payment offer
  7. I've received a letter today with notice of enforcement its from a ccj that i missed two payments for nov 31st and December 31st 2019 i will contact the enforcement officer on Monday and offer a payment plan as i cant afford to pay the £1600 in one lump sum if they accept the offer do i have to let them come into my house to list goods to set the payment plan up ? if they don't accept the payment i offer what should i do? Is it worth phoning the original debtor (water company) will they accept my offer so don't have to deal with enforcement officer
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