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  1. Hi there, just seen one of your responses to a question on 1 metre, 2 MPANs in 2014...

    I'm researching a piece on this at the moment and your explanation is the best I've read so far! 

    Can I get in touch with you for a chat?

    Best wishes,



    1. Nottsknots


      Hi Joe,

      Wow, that was a while ago! I’m happy to answer questions if you want to ask in response, but before I give out any contact info, please could you give me some more background on yourself and the piece you are researching? Call me old fashioned, but I value my personal security and privacy.



    2. KeenCanary


      Of course Andre.


      My name is Joe Crowley. I am a freelance broadcast journalist but I regularly present and report for both the BBC's One Show and Countryfile programmes.


      I'm working on a piece for the One Show to do with Scottish Power and council tenants in in Scotland who have been receiving exceptionally high bills. 


      I'm not familiar with this site / forum or whether these messages are public / private. But maybe you could email me at [email protected] and then we could swap details on email to arrange a chat?


      Best wishes,




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