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  1. I have used some of his edits as you can see. I just kept in some essential parts describing my condition, as my GP letter was too brief to explain how my conditions affects me. Hope that makes sense
  2. My apologies. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in response to your letter. I would firstly like to sincerely apologise for the incident, but I’d like to assure you that I did not have any intention to evade my fare. I have pre-existing medical conditions which are relevant to the incident. I wouldn’t have at any point attempted to exit the bus without paying. I suffer from chronic fatigue, severe depression, social anxiety and generalised anxiety. Last year, I had to quit my job as a result of my poor health and am currently unemployed in receipt of Universal Credit.
  3. Ah. I posted a long reply about how I want to gain a consenus generally on whether people think I should remain neutral or accept liability at this point, as that is the one thing that is stressing me out. And to me dx wasn't being clear on his stance, so I'd like everyone else's i put I'll post my final draft again for anyone who wants to read share with cag Last draft.pdf 36.85 kB · 0 downloads After dx said "just type no need to keep hitting quote... read what the top line of their letter says carefully about what they are nquiring from you."
  4. Ah, so I should stay neutral at this point, then accept liability once they present charges?
  5. Okay dx100, I think you are right. Where do you stand though on offence the offence or not? Keep it neutral or accept it?
  6. The medical evidence is actually quite short. I think instead of "explaining" my symptoms my GP just confirms I have them and am being treated. He also asks for leaniency for my case.
  7. Sure HB. I can't see right now how many sides as I'm on mobile, but I think it's 1.5 pages. For CAG.pdf
  8. I don't think they specify in the letter, but they would most likely proceed with strict liability right? Here's a photo of their letter
  9. Oh sorry I meant I trimmed 100 words off. It's now at a stage a tad longer than my first draft, 778 words. Yes my GP letter confirms my conditions and that I have problems with my memory, as well as moving house on short notice.
  10. I've trimmed it down about a 100 words. The thing I find stressful is I feel like the writing that describes my condition is crucial, so I am unsure of how to trim without losing the info.
  11. I did think my friend is wrong at first, but now I am unsure. So should I change my letter again and "accept" the offence
  12. Thank you dx100, I'll include some of those changes you suggested. Regarding my vagueness about the offence, as you see I did not accept or deny it, do you think thats okay?
  13. I've spoken to a friend who urges me to at least speak to a solicitor (specialising in fare evasion) and have a initial consultation. I don't think it'll help though. My friend also helped me to alter my letter, more details have been added and its now 2 pages long - which I think is okay given that I have medical conditions to discuss. I've successfully acquired medical evidence from my GP which will help me out. My friend also advised me to not accept the offence, and keep it vague as the letter is under caution and could be used against me in court. He
  14. Sorry for too many questions, but overall do you think my reasonings are good enough to be considered for an OOC settlement?
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