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  1. I have my SAR ready. As these are for both a current account and a NatWest credit card, should I send two requests or one? The NatWest website shows one Manchester address whilst this site shows different addresses for statements and cards. Many thanks @London1971
  2. That's great. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Would a SAR allow me to see evidence of both my current account and credit card limits in 2016? Also, would I get evidence of the transactions that were attempted but they chose to block? This would be really useful as verbally I was told that the current account had a refused amount. This would imply that either they suspected fraud or that the overdraft limit was actually what I believed it to be and it was refused due to lack of funds. Hence, rebutting their FOS submission. Would a SAR cover that level of detail? Many thanks,
  3. Hi Having pondered on a legal angle for redress - failed FOS - found this forum and looks like you helpful people could provide a quick yes or no. *If nothing else, you will find the circumstances entertaining Q: Do I have a case for county court (BCOBS or similar) and, more importantly, is it worth it? Had a credit card with documented £2500 credit limit Card was on approx £2200 - close to limit Visited a friend in Krakow. Talked into visiting a bar. Turns out its a strip club. Strong reason to believe was drugged (hours missing, sick for 3 days etc, visited A&E on return). As I stress to all my friends now - do not go in those places. Ever. If you want to read the experiences of others see: https://cutt.ly/FrxXkd9 Club VIP Krakow Google Reviews http://www.krakowpost.com/4766/2012/04/[problem]-allegations-against-krakow-strip-club It is these stories which have reaffirmed my original thoughts that I was drugged too, anyway. Genuinely, I'm not looking for sympathy or security advice just a simple legal perspective, if nothing else, someone may avoid such places in future. Current Account 2 transactions x £750ish = £1500 Was already into £6000 arranged overdraft with irregular income from self-employment My understanding was I had £7k arranged but FOS say they have evidence from bank saying it was £9k. Point being that I believed it went over my arranged overdraft. I'm considering these a lost cause now. Credit Card Limit was £2500 Balance was approx £2200 1 transaction >£1000 took me £700 above credit limit No phone call from bank, no fraud prevention. Didn't even know of credit card transaction until got call to discuss repayment. I wasn't aware that credit cards could go over their limit. I may be naive but I always thought that was part of their fraud prevention appeal. Nearly killed me dealing with this debt when it happened - January 2016. FOS totally useless. Bank acted reasonably as PIN used. But going substantially over the credit limit at 2am in a foreign country in a club? And with the number of complaints (someone is preparing a class action), how are these places not on some sort of fraud prevention list? In short, any chance of redress for the £1000 + interest charges on the credit card transaction? BCOBS? Any case history or otherwise which can direct whether there is any point with a small claims. It seems very unreasonable to me. Not really the circumstances to agree a credit extension. Thank you
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