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  1. Thank you I shall do that. Their head office is just as bad, I’ll let you know what happens
  2. Thank you I appreciate this. I have been shocked that they basically lied to my face just to get me to sign up.
  3. Hi, I signed up to Anytime Fitness in Northamptonshire. I called the gym and they asked me to come in to sign up. During the sign up process I was advised that the contract was monthly rolling. I know that the contracts are normally 12 months yet the staff member said because I had been a member before (several years previous) that it would be just a monthly rolling contract. I checked the contract and it did say 12 months - I questionned this and she said don’t worry about that it will be monthly. Big mistake because when I tried to cancel a month later the staff said I had no evidence of this agreement (she cleverly did it all face to face). now I have been tricked into a 12 month contract that I didn’t want. I admit I shouldn’t have signed but she said it was definitely monthly and to ignore that part. Again she said this face to face (so I had no recourse). Im quite angry by this but I’m remaining professional. Is there anything I can do? Kind regards
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