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  1. Hi thanks for reply the debt is a criminal court fine I’m currently homeless but working I phoned the court and they are happy to set a payment plan up as soon as it’s back the lady said my circumstances would make me a vulnerable person and to contact the Marston welfare department but every time I called no one would put me threw and just refused to let me talk to anyone else other than whoever answered the call
  2. Hi I don’t know if anyone can help me. Ive just had a bailiff letter from Marston to an address that is not mine, it’s caused me a lot of grief with the person who’s address it actually is. I spoke to the court who are happy for me to sort a payment plan if I get the debt sent back how do I go about this as I am currently of no fixed abode and in the past have suffered from anxiety and depression and don’t want all this stress To make that come back as I can already feel the anxiety from this letter the down payment that Marston want is £450 and I don’t even have that left after I pay my tax and national insurance can any one help
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