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  1. I have just realised I haven't sent an IR complaint to them. My credit report at the time did contain missed payments and defaults, it still does and is worse since. At that time June 2017 I had more but they have fallen off my credit file now. Should I go to them with an irresponsible lending complaint. I expect what answer they will conclude with. I am very deflated with their decision, if I didn't pay anything to them for a number of months they would have defaulted me.
  2. There were a number of defaults on it but not as many as now, every other lender have agreed to default my credit entry to 2018 except them. I'm not sure what to do now. They rejected an irresponsible lending complaint from me sometime last year.
  3. Thanks for your swift responses. It's Satsuma I have two loans with them , their email replies are showing as Provident. I have had 24 consecutive missed payments on both loans on my credit files but they still won't agree to a default. Seems to be a flaw in credit reporting. If I didn't pay anything they would place a default on my file but I'm doing as best as I can to repay and they are penalising me and I am worse off. I am worse off than someone who doesn't make any effort to pay. It doesn't make sense.
  4. Hi, I’m looking for some advice, stupidly in 2016-2017 I took out a number of payday short term loans. I entered a DMP with Step change in January 2018, thankfully I am now in a better place and will be debt free in 2023. After looking at my credit file recently I have noticed a particular company is marking my credit file with late payment markers and have been doing so since January 2018. I have requested they place a default on my file from 2018 stating “The ICO advises that as a general guide defaults should be recorded between 3 – 6 months after the arrears were first incurred. All my other creditors have defaulted me within 6 months of entering the DMP which has resulted in the correct entries being on my file for the correct amount of time, namely six years, and I would ask that you consider amending my record and recording a default at the correct time on my file and notifying me of the same.” They have not upheld my complaint stating “at no point there has been three consecutive payments missed for you your account to be defaulted.” Can someone advise please on what options I now have? In my opinion they are wrong with their decision. Best regards
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