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  1. Thanks and I admire your directness and confidence but it's naturally a little bit unnerving for me to see this type of correspondence for the first time; it arrived from a different company so I just wanted assurances. For the avoidance of doubt, I should continue to ignore right?
  2. Hi All, I've previously posted on a different thread (VCS Spycar PCN - no stopping JLA Liverpool Airport) but have a new update today.. 'Zenith Collections' have written to me with a 'NOTICE OF DEBT RECOVERY ASSIGNMENT' I want some advice about what to do now if possible? Many thanks. Letter reads as follows: Without Prejudice We are writing to you concerning an outstanding amount relating to a Parking Charge issued on 19/09/19 on behalf of our client Vehicle Control Services Ltd. Details of the Parking Ch
  3. OK I've got it now.. these guys are just rogues all ends up!! I'm standing firm and not paying!
  4. Hi All, Hope you are all keeping safe.. As the world crumbles around us I've received some correspondence in relation to my Liverpool JLA PCN. The letters are from a company called 'Debt Recovery Plus' and they're asking me to settle up by 02/04 or they'll recommend to their client that they take me to court. They've included some information and a link to a Supreme Court decision saying that their charges are lawful. Here's the link: www.supremecourt.uk/cases/uksc-2015-0116.html Do I continue to ignore? Thanks.
  5. Hello All, No update on correspondence from our parking friends but I'm under pressure from the legal department of my employer as they do not want the threat of court hanging over the company name (I was driving a company car). They've asked me to contact VCS and declare my personal home address and name to avoid the above. What would be the recommendation here? Thanks.
  6. Thank you - the guidance on here is so reassuring.. I'll be honest, I came close to paying earlier this week!!
  7. Hi there, Thanks for the updates. The attached PDF contains both of my initial appeals as well as their responses. Based on feedback so far, I'm now doing nothing until LBC / LBA. Appeal 1&2.pdf
  8. Hi All, Appreciate there are numerous threads on this - sorry!! Looking for some support... I've had two PCN's through relating to an airport drop off and collection (3 days later) at Liverpool Airport. I've appealed directly and had them rejected so coming to the forum (for the first time!!) for some guidance. My question is ref whether I should now go to ground and ignore correspondence until I receive a LBC notice or if I have invalidated that avenue due to my appealing? Thanks, P.S. Looks like I will be ask
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