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  1. Thank you for ur replies, very help and reassuring
  2. Thank you, That’s is what I thought but the concern is, the mortgage company are to ask for bank statements which will show pervious payments to them and would require details of it. I’m just looking for way around it thank you timbersdown
  3. Hello all, currently seeking advice to clear my debt with Link Financial (the worst). The debt is over 7 years old and no longer show on my credit file, however it’s still live as still making regular payments to them . I am now aware I can or should of requested a CCA from them. However my husband has been gifted a sum of money to be used a deposit for a mortgage therefore need the debt closed ASAP. Any ideas on the best way forward as I’m well aware We won’t get a mortgage with this debt. original debt was with barclaycard and Mbna
  4. Great. Thank you again, so helpful. It is pretty annoying I’ve been paying them, thanks to the CAB but thankfully its only ever been £1 a month
  5. One more thing, will it make a difference. That I already offered a finial settlement ?
  6. Ok. I will give it ago. thank you for your advise
  7. So I request a CCA from them and then stop paying when they can’t produce one? how long can they chance the debt once it has been requested?
  8. Oh man! I was never advised that by CAB the card were taken out in the early 2000’s no later than 2004
  9. these where previous MBNA and Barclaycard credit cards and were defaulted in 2012. Link Financial mark defaults every month as the token payment is less than the minimum they accept. The last time I wrote to them was in November 2019. I have not sent a CCA request. Can I still do this, this far along?
  10. Dear all i have read so many posts I am now so confused as what to do next. I currently have two debts with Link Financial, both in excess of £3000. Since 2012 there has been a payment plan on both debts and credit file is marked default. I have also recently written to them with an offer of final settlement, to which they have never responded. I am now unsure where to go from here, Link Financial never seem to reply and I wish to clear the debts. any advice would be greatly appreciated
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