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  1. The reasons and justification seem ludicrous from a company that size. They keep pushing for me too get me to report it as fraud to the police and the bank basically ignoring all the facts. I must stress the account was never set up in her maiden name it was the same name as the email set up which is her married name. They asked me to send her photo id and the marriage cert to prove it and then when I did they are now saying that it was set up with her maiden name.They never had any id from her at all until that point. I am astonished that they have said the p
  2. I had to get my wife to send this from the email set up with is in her married name after ladbrokes all of a sudden said they would not speak with me on resolver unless it was in the account holders email that set up the account and to start fresh away from resolver. Then this was there final reply
  3. Hi all here is the latest final response from ladbrokes on this matter. After weeks of me emailing I then added the complaint to resolver and once I done this they all of a sudden said they can not communicate too my email address and it must be my wife with her email address.Even though I had 23 emails before this from my email. I have attached the long email reply my points are on there and then there reply to it. I need to stress my wife never once used her maiden name on the account and even the email she set up the account with was her married name but
  4. It's a very simple answer It,s a tradition me and a few of my long term mates go the pub to watch the football all day on boxing day and on new years day and our number one rule is we don't take our phones.! We don't see each other as we used to with us all leading different lives and having families but that is the one thing we have all promised too do until the day we die.! So it was quite normal for me not to have my phone and no need to worry about it because xmas and new year is the inky time of the year that I get a complete break from work zero emails zero p
  5. Hello, Too all your questions no no and she can get in the email and got the user name. It's not in my name and I'd was given for her either
  6. I see this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.!! This if off the gambling commission website they obviously have made no improvements at all since. What's 5.9 million fine to a company that turns over billions!!
  7. Absolutely none of that happened she opened an account by simply entering her married name (all ID is in her maiden name) Address,date of birth and email and phone number then added my bank card details and away she went. No checks at all were made and the name didnt match the bank card (we do not have a joint bank) They said they done electronic checks and it matched that is also impossible because she is not on the electrol roll and her bank and driver's licence is also in her maiden name. Yet they are acting like it never happened It h
  8. They haven't actually said that its closed just that they can not match my bank card details to any account which is bull...the technology they have would easily trace a transaction surely.? To also let a card go through with somebody else's details 27 times should be impossible?
  9. Thanks but the account has been closed apparently so that's another way of them shutting the account and not being able to find it and keep the money like it never happened. So corrupt ladbrokes
  10. Bear in mind it was 10;days after before I found out I had no need to check ny bank because I had no calls Then got the shock of my life and even more when I finally found out it was her she had no idea what she was doing or how much was spenr
  11. She installed the app but deleted it before I woke up the next day and weridly enough she has no emails off ladbrokes
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