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  1. Sorry, this has gone on for such a long time and with the big gap I have forgotten the order of events.
  2. A Reminder Notice from a company called CST Law, acting for Debt Recovery Plus on behalf of ParkingEye and with the word "directed" misspelt, arrived on 22nd August 2020, saying that while Debt Recovery Plus would like to settle the issue amicably (presumably by me paying the charge in full) they have the right to commence court proceedings, etc., etc.. CST Law is the trading name of a company called Credit Style Limited and is in the same group as Debt Recovery Plus. Is it time to just put this long drawn out process to bed by pointing out to CST Law that a) the notice was issued 21 days after the date of the event is supposed to have happened so ParkingEye exceeded the 14 day limit that POFA requires for ANPR tickets, b) that they have presented no evidence of who was driving the vehicle so they have no cause for action against the car's registered keeper, and c) that I will counter claim if they continue to waste my time? Or is it time for ericsbrother's letter?
  3. Yet another letter from Debt Recovery Plus today; I think they want to be pen pals (showing my age...). This time they said they have advised their client ParkingEye to take me to Court but that Parking Eye, in an effort to avoid the cost and inconvenience of Court (that bit brought a tear to my eye...) said that they will extend the payment deadline by 14 days with the option to pay in 3 monthly instalments. I'm overwhelmed by their kindness but not enough to contact them...yet!
  4. Another letter from Debt Recovery Plus arrived today, saying that if I haven't paid the charge by 19th March they will return the file to their client (ParkingEye Ltd) with a recommendation that they take court action against me. I will continue to ignore them. I haven't uploaded the letter this time as the above is about all it says with a bit of trimming around the edges.
  5. I did some research on POFA and found some info As mentioned previously PE issued the notice 21 days after the event so they were outside the 14 day limit have not met the strict conditions that POFA requires for ANPR tickets; they also failed in other areas covered above. One interesting thing for me is that POFA also requires them to specify the period for which the car was parked but with their ANPR tickets at the entry/exit they can only specify how long a car was in the car park and not where and for how long it was actually parked. IS that relevant to anything?
  6. Thanks for the advice. The Financial Conduct Authority website says that you must first complain to the company and then take it to the Financial Ombudsman if you are unhappy with the reply. I agree that they should not assume that my silence means I am taking responsibility but I am loathe to contact them or PE as I have been advised here to "sit on my hands"; any thoughts on this? TFTR
  7. I have had a letter from Debt Recovery Plus today (redacted copy attached)requesting a payment of £140 and saying they will advise their client (ParkingEye) to take Court action if I don't pay up by a date in early March. Do I still sit on my hands ? ParkingEye Debt Recovery Plus letter, 19-02-2020.pdf
  8. Thanks ericsbrother. I took some photos of the site and its signs yesterday and I may take some more close to sunset. Sunset on the day of the event was at 16:55 so I will take some photos around sunset in the next few days to show if the signs are illuminated or even visible.
  9. This morning I received a Parking Charge Notice Reminder, issued on 18th Jan 2020 with the same set of photos as the original (no clear registration in the entry photo) telling me that I can pay £40 by 23rd Jan or the full amount thereafter. I remain sitting on my hands....
  10. Thanks for confirming that for me. So, they fail on timescale and fail to provide photo evidence of entrance to the car park; what a professional bunch...
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