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  1. Ok, thanks, i'll leave that alone then.
  2. Hello I've just noticed something worrying on my credit file with Credit Karma and i'd like to know if this is going to cause me some problems, or if i can forget about it for now. Search comes up from "Arrow Global Ltd". I looked into who this company was and what they do and i was led to this site, I've already spent hours reading various topics and the great advice given by the team here. The reason they have conducted a search on me is probably because of an outstanding debt (CC and overdraft) i had with HSBC around 2005-06 ish, at the time i lost my job and shortly after i couldn't afford my rent so i moved to somewhere cheaper and my attitude was "let them chase me, i have nothing". Ever since then, I've not had a single DCA chase me despite being on the electoral roll in every house I've lived in, it's always been in the back of my mind that i may be chased, but until anyone makes contact, i'm not going to worry myself about it. Is the fact they have searched an indication they now want to pursue this? I know if it's just an old debt it will be barred by now but i'm not sure if they obtained a CCJ in my absence, i did get the courage to check my credit file around 2013 maybe? and there was a single debt on there but i didn't know what i was looking for back then so i can't remember if it was a CCJ or default. Thanks for any insight into this
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