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  1. There’s so much to read and take in. I’m doing my best to understand it all. It’s not easy being 32 weeks pregnant and coping with all this.
  2. Thank you so much BF, very helpful information. I will print these off for reference. I believe I have to wait a certain period before I can take it to court. I’ve asked them numerous times which trade association they’re registered with but they don’t seem to want to answer this question. Not sure why? Can you shed some light on this please?
  3. I’m not very tech savvy. Not sure how to even attach photo from my library. It’s not letting me. I haven’t got any links only photos of reviews that people have sent me
  4. Yes I have permission to use this. I’ve also sent these reviews to the garage so I’ve got no hesitation in sharing these on here
  5. Hi BF, thank you for helping me to understand this process. I’ve sent the right to reject letter already. You say to talk to them and negotiate something but how can I when the salesman refuses any form of communication with the owner? You say you only found 1 review however I have more reviews after requesting help from Facebook. People guessed the garage without me having to mention them. I have forwarded to them three reviews via email after they sent me an email stating that they’re there to help customers. If they have been informed by any other motor trade
  6. Thank you for the awareness. I understand what you are saying however this is something I want publicised. I don’t want this happening to anyone. This whole car buying experience has been an extreme nightmare. I want people to be aware of what could happen when buying from a registered dealer. I went believing and trusting that I’ll have a reliable car for my growing family. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve been naive and stupidly bought a car without any background knowledge of the company itself. I will advise anyone that is buyin
  7. Whatever the case faulty car or not, surely the owner should be communicating with me as a dissatisfied customer. So why is he refusing to communicate if he is within his rights? His attitude clearly says he knowingly sold me a faulty car and that’s why the avoidance. It’s not that I’m not liking your comments it’s just that you’re commenting without knowing the full facts of what happened before and after the sales. T he company itself is dodgy. I hadn’t known this prior to my visit to them as I was so desperate for a car. After it all happen
  8. I think maybe I didn’t explain the situation properly. I bought the car with 3mths warranty but no paperwork was given to me. The car already had faults therefore it was already booked in for repairs the following week. I took the car back on the 27th without contacting them so that I could confront them in their office. Straight away some kid mechanic came out with a diagnostic machine to check what the fault is. The initial repair would’ve taken an hour to fix as I was told however due to this new fault the car would be in for repairs for more than half a day. I did not buy this
  9. How do you know I have not communicated? I went to the garage in person and wanted to speak to the owner but was refused any form of communication. What would you have done if you were me? Holidays were ruined, kids upset, hubby can’t get to work with no car. Anyone in my position would demand a full refund. I didn’t even drive the car. I lost a month on road tax, £30 on petrol... .it’s like saying it’s ok for a dealer to sell dodgy car but it’s not ok for me to dump it back to them and demand my money back . I would say it was very foolish
  10. Warning light came on about an hour after purchasing the car. I put £30 petrol and taxed the car straight away from the garage. It was Xmas eve so garage closed early. The car was sat on my drive for the following 2 days. 27th morning I took the car back. The diagnostic machine was plugged in to check the fault there and then. I was told that it would take more than half a day to fix all issues. I was not happy with this so decided that I wasn’t willing to risk taking this car incase the EML comes back with a different issue in future.
  11. I didn’t drive the car for the short time it was in my possession (Xmas day and Boxing Day) Was due to spend that time in London with my family but all plans changed due to this light. I have been stuck on a motorway before with my 6mth old baby few years ago. There was no way I was gonna risk driving this car down the motorway with my kids. The tyres were not bald, and the suspension was just a little squeaky(nothing major) parking aid was not working(no big deal) The engine light could’ve come on for numerous reasons, we just don’t know until we took
  12. Are you telling me that the amount of people I’ve spoken to so far are all wrong? I don’t have right to reject? So a dealer can sell me a faulty car and I have no choice but to accept it?
  13. I agreed to buy the car with certain faults already e.g parking aid, tyres, and the suspension. Had I have seen the EML before the sale there is no way I would’ve agreed. I’ve had a very bad experience few years ago with this engine light so therefore this is a massive cause for concern for me. I have children to think about. Although the garage mechanic diagnosed the issue they are now denying there’s anything wrong at all, telling me there is no EML even though I have photographic evidence. Would you trust this garage and ANY of their cars?
  14. I paid for it via bank transfer. Yes I transferred the vehicle back to them online. I had to otherwise I would lose another month of Road tax. They received the V5 and said I fraudulently transferred it without permission. I asked to speak to the owner numerous times before and after sales but was refused any contact. How was I meant to seek permission? Instead I informed them of what I was doing on a phone call. Now they are saying that I have devalued the vehicle by adding 2 owners. There is no way I would take this car back out of fear.
  15. The car is no longer registered to me, I can’t take it back.... The Road tax doesn’t stay with the vehicle. As soon as I transferred ownership the tax gets refunded automatically. I am having difficulty navigating through this site. There’s so much information I can’t get my head round it. So many words I don’t understand. Is it possible to get legal assistance from here?
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