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  1. sent off for the SAR still haven't heard anything from them but today received a Cabot letter saying as they haven't heard from me they will instruct a company called resolvecall to visit my home. should i be worried about this or is there a generic letter i can send to cabot
  2. is that a subject access request ? just for my curiosity why am i requesting this? and what do i do when I receive this info? cabot have started calling me but leave messages for me I've avoided them for now do you suggest I send them anything?
  3. I'm sorry I'm using the clearscore site the experian one tells me nothing without paying all i see is the card name and number it says in default but there is no date then the amount and below that a calendar depicting on time/missed or no data it the then say the date opened and the date updated is there another that could give the date you'd recommend
  4. shows as June 2014 when payments were missed but shows as in default but shows a date of 2015 when it was updated
  5. i did but for the rest but for some reason RBOS haven't altered it on th clearscore app it still shows my old address
  6. I have had a letter from RBOS saying they have assigned my debt of £3600 to Cabot however it must be at least 6 years since i did anything with this debt, the letter was sent to my old address. i have had a look around on the site but cant see a FAQ to do with these issues ( probably me not looking the right area) . can anyone advise me on what the next steps are as i assume this debt may be statute barred ? but im loath to ring Cabot and go through any details with them and would rather do it via letter. as back ground i have other debts with other
  7. so unless there's a valid reason im stuck with having to pay the debt ? do they have to prove I own the debt i.e. show signed proof with my signature etc.as I cant actually remember aver taking it out ( as opposed to the others I have which I am aware of)
  8. rang Northants and apparently its a M&S account thats has been bought by arrow they said paperwork was sent to me but the flats I lived in is not the best for deliveries of post as for the other debts I've just ignored them until they become an issue and looking at my credit file. should I do a CCA request for the Arrow or directly to M&S credit card and in the case this would be under section 78 ? correct? I was also advised I could if I dispute the credit card debt apply to have it set aside for £255 is this worth doing? thanks for
  9. checked my credit file and have 2 items for arrow global ( one opened in 2007 and another in 2014 along with other cc debts that im aware of) when I look into the details of the CCJ it lists my old address and also my wifes name as connection ( her ex husband was a bit of a dodgy character and we thought hat he had taken some loans out in her name in the past) so....what do I do now?
  10. hello I wondered if anyone could help/advise me on the letter I received this week last couple of weeks I've been receiving phone calls from Drydens Fairfax solicitors they have left messages for me to contact them ( I haven't as id never heard of them ) when it last rang a person wanted to talk to me about an issue when I asked what the issue was they refused to tell me unless I confirmed I was Duffblade I neither confirmed or denied who I was as to be honest it sounded dodgy and blocked the number. I have come home today to find a lett
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