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  1. funnily enough after sending this, my SAR has just come through, just awaiting on the email to verify my account and open up the details! hopefully this will be enough info to get help with being socially housed until i find better employment and have the finances to move into a new accommodation. Im so glad to hear things went well for her and that she is living her best life now! i hope too also be there when i am that age ! hahaha, have a great day! best wishes and thanks again to all! Kx
  2. Hey, I cant thank you and Bankfodder enough for this service. Will be sharing it with people at uni as well as work! I will be taking your advice on board and hopefully Surrey Childeren Services get back to me soon. They said they would by the 8th of March and through Coram they have accepted my claim.. so good news on that front! I will defo be in touch if anything else arises but for now, thank you and Bankfodder and everyone on this platform for providing us this service. Best wishess, KM
  3. Hey Stu :) Thank you for checking in. Since we last spoke, through Coram, i got an advocacy from children services in surrey. My SAR has been accepted and they will be responding to me by the 6th of March with all they have on me. RE my current situation, this all seems to be settling down and the landlady's piped down, thank fully. I'm keeping on top of my rent and bills and just focusing on my dissertation and last year of studies for my undergrad degree now. Feeling slightly less stressed hahah :) I hope all is well with you and many thanks
  4. Hey, So yeah i managed to get advice from shelter the first time she tried to evict the first house group 4 years ago. I used that exact law on the security deposit and her having the right to tell us within 30 days of where it is secured. She didn't want to be taken to court by all 5 tenants so she dropped the eviction threats (which were all on her for giving us all different contract dates but was trying to force us to sign a joint contract with fixed terms) Nevertheless, over my journey i have had to come to know a lot about landlord and tenancy law but there is st
  5. Dear Stu007, I've realised that it will take me some time for the case that i have from when i was 15. Coram Voice are helping me with getting the ball rolling with this, so hopefully i'll get all i need from them regarding the info for policies back in 2012. Re my current housing situation, she has done this via whats app and i have the proof and screen shots of this. I've also learnt that there isnt much she can do as we have a signed contract until Sep 2020 so that has relaxed me a little. Thank you again for the support and advice its truly
  6. Dear All, I am incredibly grateful for the amount of useful information that has been provided. I want to firstly share a brief update on the outcome of speaking with Coram Voice. They have agreed to give me advocacy via telephone calls, until i get documents to them. However, using the SAR route, i will be able to access these. Before i go down that route, I have had a phone call back today from the housing association that housed me when i was under 18. They have given me my social workers contact details who will be able to access all my files. In the m
  7. Hi HoneyBee, Thank you for replying! i have actually had their support in the past with advice and laws to state to this landlady. Over the years it has always been different reasons to why she wanted me out. re the housing situation - i was estranged from my family at the age of 15. I was then housed by a housing association when i was 16/17yrs. Whom i have contacted for further documents. Then years later i was house by the YMCA is London South West. I was evicted from here for going to university, on the basis of me becoming a full-time stude
  8. I am a 24yr old, full-time student, within my final year and on a casual contract. I have had my accommodation, which is privately rented for the fourth year. Every year for the renewal of the contract, the landlady has verbally and via what’s app, threatened to evict me. Whilst I have had arrears in the past, I have always paid off outstanding balances from the date promised. I am currently seeking advocacy to help support me with this situation as I do not feel like I am able to deal with the landlady/councils by myself. I have approached Coram Voice fo
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