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  1. I'm not going to argue on this point. I never had a cat before and a thought of starting with a kitten sounded less intimidating. I did approach rescues, but unfortunately the moment you tell them that you'd prefer a kitten to be mainly indoors (and let's not go into the whole indoor vs outdoor thing), it becomes difficult, no matter how many fancy shelves etc you install or how many hours of playtime you can provide to enrich their environment. So believe me, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision Anyhow, I rather agree with what you said and would probably try to do things differently in
  2. Admittedly I could just decide the whole thing is not worth the hassle and write it off as lesson learnt But I wanted to explore my options
  3. £105 insurance excess. Citizen's Advice told me that I could argue that tier 1 remedies would be a major inconvenience (repair/replace) and that I could argue for tier 2 remedies, one of which means that you can keep the product but get a discount on the purchase price.
  4. If I just go with purchase price discount + insurance excess, that will be about £1k (if this is not what you meant, let me know)
  5. I thought the Sale of Goods Act was replaced by Consumer Rights Act? Also, can you elaborate re: "the usual rules of contract"? I have a contract with the seller but it includes terms which are limiting my rights under CRA especially around some of the things we've been talking about, so presumably it wouldn't hold up.
  6. Thanks @dx100uk - are you able to link details on this? If I just go with purchase price discount + insurance excess, that will be under £1k If I go with the above + vet fees that would be probably about £4k if not slightly more (they can't make me claim on insurance I think), but most likely under £5k Any other thoughts of wisdom / what to look out for etc would be also very much welcome!
  7. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? (and that's a genuine question - what's the worst that can happen?) Also, if anyone has any other thoughts, please share!
  8. Well, to be honest, if they're able to show clear titre tests, I'll hold my hands up and be glad that (hopefully) no one else will have to go through the same nightmare as I did
  9. Still (and someone please correct me if my reasoning is wrong) under CRA if I buy said "fridge", it works fine for 10 weeks (is healthy) and then stops working (gets sick), the fault would be presumed to be preexisting and the seller would have to prove otherwise
  10. Sorry, I meant that filing a complaint for sale too young isn't a problem. The kitten was actually sold on the day of the second vaccination.
  11. Sale too young is not a problem, but I think that for sale of a sick kitten they might want a post-mortem (?) which hopefully I won't be able to do. The kitten is doing well so far on the experimental (although unlicensed) meds
  12. And this is exactly what I wanted! I want to make sure that if I do take action (and I'm still not sure), what I'm saying actually makes sense. The kitten was 12 weeks but that's something that GCCF will hear about in a separate complaint, just need to get the paperwork together and send it off. Re: "You don't get to keep the goods and get your money back though", it looks like it is a second tier remedy (Keep the goods and get a reduction in price), for example looking at the flow chart on p. 31 here: https://www.businesscompanion.info/sites/default/files/CRA-Goods-G
  13. Yes, registered with GCCF. They were recommended by so many people, I probably ignored some of the red flags, including the insurance piece. Hindsight is a great thing.
  14. @honeybee13 - yes, I read that and the seller follows a couple of those recommendations, but not all. The file feels a bit outdated too because it's talking about SGA instead of CRA, and there are a few things around liability that don't sound right to me. @dx100uk Well, even in those circumstances, I guess I could still just go back to basics and argue quality (I'd expect better quality of item X considering the money I paid)? Without necessarily claiming for vet costs. @hightail Diagnosed about 8-10 weeks after purchase (I'd need to count exactly). Didn't come
  15. Thanks @dx100uk Could someone argue that (and I'm going to use an actual good because it's easier to imagine) say I bought a new boiler and it broke down over Christmas. I then contact the seller saying "the boiler is broken, I'm getting it fixed because it's cold and I need it fixed asap" and use my insurance, and then ask the seller for a discount (which is, admittedly, lower than the cost of fixing the item). Could they argue that I should've given them a chance at repair, it was my choice that I fixed it at my own expense, and as such I don't have any further right
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