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  1. Can I just confirm that I deleted their automatic payment agreement from paypal, do I still need to write to PayPal about this? Thanks
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. I only signed up for automatic payments through paypal, not my bank, and have since cancelled this agreement. I am just concerned that if they try and surcharge for more parcels ( I sent lots in December before realising how untrustworthy Pack link are) and can't access funds that they will try and chase me for money? Thanks
  3. Hi I am a small business seller on ebay. i started using packlink, a courier broker, via eBay in October 2019. I received two out of tariff charges in December for items sent 4 weeks prior. money was just taken out of my PayPal account. One item did not exist as number provided by packlink was made up. Since then I have read terms and can see they can charge up to £70 extra per item up to a year after item sent. Packlink are based in Spain and only have email which they do not respond to or live chat which just tells you to email. I am in fear they will charge me £100s of out of tariff charges without contact me first. Seems to be a huge problem with many other eBay sellers. Parcels were sent by ups but when the out of tariff charges queried with ups there were no extra charges so Pack link are pocketing the surcharge, although blaming it on UPS. They provide no proof for surcharge. I have cancelled my PayPal access and eBay contract with Pack link and will never use them again. Can they chase me for further surcharges? They have not replied to any of my emails. EBay community forum and trusting are full of similar complaints. I am very concerned. Any advice please? Thanks
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