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  1. yes i will do that, it could be interesting reading. Many thanks again to everyone for their help.
  2. Thank you UNCLEBULGARIA67, at least now i know. I'm not prepared to chase them in court as in all honesty id just like closure now.
  3. So now a update on my complaint, yesterday I received a letter from Swinton full of apologise it stated that the letter was there final response and said that they would be sending me a cheque in the next 7-10 days for £250. Personally I don’t really think that covers the stress caused by their initial decision and delay and not including the fact that my wife especially has suffered with some back complaints since the accident and the delay in getting the doctor/physio involved by Swinton to address this. I’d like to know what your views are in this matter please, am I
  4. I would just like to thank everybody on here for all of their help, finally this morning I received my letter of indemnity, Swinton are now looking into why on the 3rd Jan I was given the wrong information. Thank you all again.
  5. The LBA will be sent on Monday. I have already drafted the letter ready to send.
  6. Hi yes they live within 10miles of my home address. Luckily my car is still drivable so I haven’t incurred any financial costs other than the purchase of the voice recorder, it’s just the stress and lack of sleep.
  7. it was an existing policy that i made changes to on the Swinton web site, i remember it didn't bring the details up and gave me the option to input the car details myself which i did. I am more than prepared to send a letter before action, is there a template that i could use?
  8. Hello everyone, ok so after i posted on here yesterday about my telephone conversation i emailed the complaints department, i got a email within minutes stating that they were about to close but somebody would contact me first thing on Monday regarding my claim, i have ordered a voice recorder that will be arriving tomorrow so all calls will now be recorded, i will go over everything during this call including the fact that there head of complaints hasn't even passed on my original complaint that i sent in last Sunday. If i don't get any positive response then i
  9. I’ve told them all this, all I get told is that it’s on my head because I inputted the information incorrectly and I should have checked my documents when they sent them!!
  10. This is were my whole problem stands at the moment! It’s swinton im fighting with to accept they need to cover me from the change over of vehicles rather than them telling me I wasn’t insured due to the error!!
  11. unfortunately i have a iphone so an app is not an option, I have had to call them today as they are only open monday-friday 9am-5pm. All other calls i have made have been to there general customer service team. I will purchase a voice recorder over the weekend.
  12. Unfortunately not, i have been unable to purchase a recorder due to work commitments and needed to make the call during office hours which again is hard for me due to restrictions using a phone in my workplace.
  13. Hi All, So heres an update, after still hearing nothing at all from Swinton today i rang their complaints department, Guess what! nothing on record at all about the email i sent to Carol Banks the head of their complaints department! I was told because she was the head of complaints she wouldn't look at complaints!!!! I then told them that i was astounded that she hadn't even passed it on to a member of her department to deal with! I was basically told that a complaint had now been raised and i would hear back within 8weeks!!! I really am lost for words. I was also fo
  14. Thank you, i will contact the third party insurer and see what they say
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