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  1. Guys, I will call back when the current climate of Covid has settled.
  2. Thanks Slick, I will do that during my break. I will let you know the outcome. Ats.
  3. It was indeed a rolling contract. Yes, your calculations are bang on.
  4. We have previously sent you correspondence regarding your membership and note that you have not contacted us. Due to this you have incurred a £25.00 administration charge on your account. Your outstanding arrears currently stand at £89.98. I have no email trace apart from this which was sent to me from Harland's on 06/12/2019.
  5. Thanks for your prompt help, it is very kind. I just checked my bank statement and it was £89.98 I paid on the 17th of December. In regards to submitting a cancellation form on xercise4less website, this was 5 minutes after the transaction was made. I am annoyed that even after I made a somewhat hefty payment (4 1/2 months membership), they don't bother to close my account even though then knew of my intentions of leaving. Is it possible to put a case in against them to retrieve my funds and make this greedy organisation pay up? Thanks.
  6. Hello guys, I have not used xercise4less facilities for way over 12 months. The problems started when I cancelled my direct debit, without cancelling on the website. I got billed £44 including admin fees which ignored. This quickly rose to £79. I paid this off to avoid the headache. After making this payment, I went on the xercise4less website to submit the leaving form. When I clicked enter, it said something along the lines of/to the effect of 'request already pending'. So I let that be. Then to my much surprise, the whole process started again and they began billing me once more. Yesterday, I got a text and email form CRS with a bill of £201. I don't want this to escalate to a CCJ and this is absolutely insulting. I have checked my membership on the xercise4less website and it no longer exists i.e entering my details fails to bring up an account. I know there is much information of this forum, but how would you go about corresponding or not corresponding for that matter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ok my bad, Let me upload it the correct way. Also, I regards to my terminology, this debt recovery notice most likely originated from a Parking Charge Notice 5 years ago. As I originally said, I have had many parking change notices that have accumulated to a CCJ.
  8. Hello all, This forum is very informative. I wonder if you can give me advice for the following fine I received. I will give you a background story too. A few years ago during a uni, I went through a phase where I got multiple private parking tickets, one of the times was when there was a couple feet of snow an I couldn't move my car. I got sick and tired of this. I decided not to pay my fines because online there are sources which state that they won't chase you. I was so naive back then and I ended up racking many parking tickets. As you can imagine, I got a number of CCJs that I ignored. As I said, I was naive and didn't have any idea that it would ultimately give me a bad credit rating - which it has. Since realizing, I have basically given in to paying all fines and my CCJs will clear in 2 years. There have been 2 or 3 parking fines that I have paid already that have come 4 years later and this one has come back 5 years later. I want to know whether I should fight this given that I am unable to recall this incident and they have not given me photographic proof. How should I proceed? Your advice is appreciated.
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