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  1. Hastings are investigating it and we are waiting on the drivers report from the garage. And photos of the leak they claim the car had. Although it was picked up on the 26th of September and we had no rain from the 22nd till the 30th. I still. Have the hire calm I called auxillis friday after the car came back ask about the hire car going back and was told they would be in touch . I then emailed hastings stating that I had called auxillis and that I was told they would be in contact to collect the car. I suspect that they will try denied the call an
  2. 8Hi well the car was delivered on a flat back non running flat tyre drivers side window not working 1 inch of water on the passengers floor. I had a inspection done over the weekend that has highlighted even more bad repairs. When the inspector called tech reports they stated that there was a drivers report and it said when he opened the door water fell on the floor and on the seat. Now I have all the photos of the drivers report and no report . No photos of the alleged wet seat. Apparently when he drove the car his bum was wet from the seat. I hav
  3. Thank you and I am not going it alone. Hopefully hasting have and will accept responsibility. But even if they do and it gets sorted I have stated the omnibusman off with hastings and as soon as auxillis give me a final response I will take them to the ombudsman. The garage are at fault for the repairs and damage. But right now I want my car taken of auxillis and the garage and taken to another company . With everything that has happened between auxillis and acorn assessors . Hastings are finally saying they have reopened my claim and the handle
  4. Hi thanks for the advice. Last night I thought I am fully com and covered for damages . So I called hastings today and said I want to make a new claim for water damages to my car. Well that kicked up a storm has hastings won't let me start a new claim. But are now looking to take my car back and send it to another garage and stop auxillis having anything to do with it. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear from hastings but I won't hold my breath. I am still going to the omnibusman with hastings and auxillis no matter what the outcome. They moan about crash for cas
  5. I am still in auxillis hire car and as far as i know auxillis will have to pay for it. Because the repairs were bad and it's not 3rd party's fault.
  6. I do and will have more when the reports arrive. I also do all talking with auxillis through hastings well upto the damp problem and then they just hid behind the you signed the contract . But it's mostly gone through hastings
  7. No I am fully comp with hastings. Don't know thw values as I am still waiting on the garage and auxillis to send them . I have requested them the reports and photos of the work and the final invoice
  8. 9Sorry trying to do the documents but it won't let me . Not sure what values you mean . Auxillis contract.pdf
  9. Sorry trying to do the documents but it won't let me . Not sure what values you mean .
  10. It when in with a dent on the rear quarter panel above the wheel To msc repairs southall through auxillis. Then msc called said it's done and they were returning it. When it arrived the chrome on the windows and door were damaged the door gap looked out of line and the roof. Plus they have stone chipped my sills. I refused the car and it was sent back. I requested that msc do not work on my car and a inspection was arranged. Msc then went ahead and Tryed to fix the bad repairs before the inspection and return the car . Even after being told not to
  11. Hastings told me when it happened I have two choices pay my excess or use auxillis . Auxillis are a credit company that hastings was using but ended the contract in October 2019. Auxillis would not collect my car or surply a car till the contract was signed I only signed the contract because hastings sent me there I trusted hastings and that was a mistake. They knew they was no good but still sent myself and god know how many others to them
  12. Sorry the garage still have the car parked in a yard away from the garage. I have someone from nationwide who will do a inspection if and when I need it Tech reports have sent the report to auxillis but auxillis say they don't have it and it takes a week to get it. Again I have both tech reports and auxillis calls recorded. So I am waiting on a answer from them.
  13. Thanks for the reply. . I was hit by a coach on the drivers side rear wheel and panel . He over shot his lane on shepherds bush green . On the 24 of September 2019 My car is a vw eos 2010 about 80.000 on the clock. Insurance value was £5500.00 when I insured it this year. All my calls are recorded and I have saved them as well. After the acorn inspector changed the measurements once we had left . I decided to bring a engineer of my own along with the one they was sending. I made hastings and auxillis fully aware o
  14. Just some advise I have a complaint lodged with auxillis and I am waiting on a final response. But I tryed to add to the complaint and they have failed to call back yet again. And that's before the damp and the inspection they arranged without contacting me.. Hasting basically said at the start pay my excess or use auxillis . I was not told the third party's details at all. Lucky I record all my calls so I can refer to the date time and person so they can check the calls.
  15. I had a accident back in September non fault . I call hastings and in the end I had to move my own car to a safe parking place . Hastings sent me to auxillis so I signed a contract. Two days later my cars collected. By Msc repairs southall. Then my car came back chrome all bent door not aligned stonechip where there was none before roof looked out of line. So I sent it back called hastings and auxillis told them I did not want the garage touching my car . And auxillis arrange for acorn to do a inspection. Then the day before the inspection I get a call from the g
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