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  1. In fairness, most defaults had agreements back in 2015 to remove them once paid off, just didn't honour that agreement once I had paid them, so I'm finally chasing them up.
  2. I'm 2 down so far, this o2 one will be the third if it's removed. I'm hoping to get another 2/3 off, as they're small amounts but we'll see - can only try!
  3. I normally don't either, I'm not too sure about these ones but I have a friend who has mentioned this company before so let me ask him and I'll update my post. Just posting so I don't forget.
  4. Write an email to them, sometimes they refund the postage cost if you're nice enough.
  5. Will keep you updated! Let's hope I can get a few more defaults removed, touch wood!
  6. I will certainly start recording the calls from now on, I've emailed a few people at Barclays Partner Finance, hopefully someone will pick it up in the next week or so and give me a call/email.
  7. Perfect, I will write to BPF and say mention the circumstances, say that I've been refunded over half of the debt because they felt they were an irresponsible lender and didn't do as much as they could to assist me falling behind and in default, and just say as a further gesture of good will can they remove their default as it's served 5 years now. If they agree, shouldn't the Hoist one be fairly easy to remove, just ask BPF to agree for Hoist to remove the default? Similar to what I'm doing with my o2 & Lowell debts.
  8. Morning all, I have a quick query before I raise this default to be removed, I am currently contemplating asking for a default with Barclays Partner Finance to be removed. The debt was for an Apple product and the amount was £884, they then sold it to Hoist Portfolio and I paid the debt off in full with no offers from me despite it being sold to Hoist as I acknowledged I've matured and should've just handled it better but circumstances meant I lost a parent and didn't really feel like doing much in life, that was a very dark place which I'm out of completely. Over the past 6 months, Barclays Partner Finance have written to me to say they didn't help me as they should've and wasn't a responsible lender and have refunded me £500 randomly (I didn't ask, nor did I ever report anything). Back in 2015 when it defaulted, I did ask them to allow me time to pay but apparently it's not on my account notes - but then why did they refund over 50% of the debt? I did mention the circumstances over the loss of my mother at 18 and that I had left my job (unforeseen circumstances lead me to a depressed period where I didn't leave the house for nearly 7 months). Can I raise this as a complaint to be removed and say they have admitted they weren't responsible lenders, and didn't assist me all they could, the debt has been paid back in full with no offers etc? As well as being a gesture of goodwill due to the circumstances behind this?
  9. Have now just done this and said they have 14 days to rectify the complaint or I will raise it with ICO. Appreciate your help, if this doesn't work, I will send them a letter via recorded post.
  10. Thank you for this, shall I just print off the email from o2 and attach it? Appreciate your response, so shall I just say they have 14 days to rectify this or I will raise it with the ICO.
  11. Quick q for everyone, in 2015 I defaulted on an account and agreed with o2 in 2018 to remove it as I paid it in full immediately after realising it defaulted (my fault but they agreed as I was a long time customer). They told me to contact Lowell (who bought the debt) to get them to remove the default from their end, and every time I've spoken to them they tell me they will get it done but then it never ends up happening and it's been almost a year now. What can I do? I have the original emails from o2 complaints saying it's fine for Lowell to remove it as they have now done, but Lowell have not yet actioned this after a year still. I've just sent another email saying I'll allow 28 days but then will raise it with the ICO... but I fear they'll just ignore me again.
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