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  1. I have now removed everything from the PayPal and changed pretty much everything on it. The only annoying thing is, there’s nothing my bank can assist with as I purchased the iPad from amazon in January and PayPal took the money from my balance not my card. Very stressful, appalling behaviour from eBay.
  2. Exactly this, I had £700 in my PayPal balance, who eBay charged as a billing source and now they have the money and I have £0. PayPal are saying it's part of an ebay refund so they can't dispute it or assist with it
  3. They removed it in the end, sorry - should've updated. Just a quick email to complaints and they had it sorted within 72 hours.
  4. Out of pocket, they charged my paypal balance for reimbursement PayPal are saying they cannot dispute it as it's linked to an ebay refund
  5. I am writing here as I am out of options, I’m now talking to a brick wall and having live chats ended on me, I can’t even call at the moment. I have spoken to eBay countless times and believe what they’re doing to me is morally and legally wrong, I am currently furloughed from work and decided to sell a few household items as I’m planning on moving out next year I still need to keep my savings and survive in the current circumstances we unfortunately find ourselves in. I’m also an apprentice, it’s not like money is disposable to me, and this is a huge loss.
  6. I had a default with Barclays Partner Finance, they sold it to Hoist Finance (Robinson Way). They have now removed it as it irresponsible lending and in the letter said Robinson Way can now remove it, I sent this letter to Hoist in early December, along with proof BPF have removed the default from my credit file (Hoist can also check this by pulling my latest report). I have sent countless letters, they have ignored every single one, submit a complaint to both Hoist Portfolio and Robinson Way on 23rd December and they've not even said anything or acknowledged my compl
  7. In fairness, most defaults had agreements back in 2015 to remove them once paid off, just didn't honour that agreement once I had paid them, so I'm finally chasing them up.
  8. I'm 2 down so far, this o2 one will be the third if it's removed. I'm hoping to get another 2/3 off, as they're small amounts but we'll see - can only try!
  9. I normally don't either, I'm not too sure about these ones but I have a friend who has mentioned this company before so let me ask him and I'll update my post. Just posting so I don't forget.
  10. Write an email to them, sometimes they refund the postage cost if you're nice enough.
  11. Will keep you updated! Let's hope I can get a few more defaults removed, touch wood!
  12. I will certainly start recording the calls from now on, I've emailed a few people at Barclays Partner Finance, hopefully someone will pick it up in the next week or so and give me a call/email.
  13. Perfect, I will write to BPF and say mention the circumstances, say that I've been refunded over half of the debt because they felt they were an irresponsible lender and didn't do as much as they could to assist me falling behind and in default, and just say as a further gesture of good will can they remove their default as it's served 5 years now. If they agree, shouldn't the Hoist one be fairly easy to remove, just ask BPF to agree for Hoist to remove the default? Similar to what I'm doing with my o2 & Lowell debts.
  14. Morning all, I have a quick query before I raise this default to be removed, I am currently contemplating asking for a default with Barclays Partner Finance to be removed. The debt was for an Apple product and the amount was £884, they then sold it to Hoist Portfolio and I paid the debt off in full with no offers from me despite it being sold to Hoist as I acknowledged I've matured and should've just handled it better but circumstances meant I lost a parent and didn't really feel like doing much in life, that was a very dark place which I'm out of completely.
  15. Have now just done this and said they have 14 days to rectify the complaint or I will raise it with ICO. Appreciate your help, if this doesn't work, I will send them a letter via recorded post.
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