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  1. Hi All I received this letter today (attached) They say that the SLC was granted a judgement in 2002 - approximately 7 years after taking out the loan. They say that the account will be on hold until 9/2/2020 what does that mean? Will this now appear on my credit file? Thanks M capquest 2_redacted.pdf
  2. Hi DX Thank you for your response - I sent it as advised. My carer posted it on my behalf as I am housebound and I wasn't aware of the free proof of posting. The letter was addressed to Capquest and not Erudio. I can't remember ever receiving anything from Erudio and assumed they were the same company as it has only been Capquest requesting money. Was that also another error? If so should I send the letter to Eurdio too? Thanks M
  3. Hi All HAPPY NEW YEAR Just a quick update, as advised I sent the SB letter to CQ by recorded delivery last week. I also requested that their agents do not attend my property without an appointment which I was not going to make... Today (06/01) had a ResolveCall agent at my door (glad I have a CCTV intercom) so ignored him. I guess he will attempt again pretty soon. Stress levels are rising but hopefully this will be over soon. Many thanks for your help again! M
  4. Big Thanks!! Will keep you updated for your speedy help! M
  5. Thanks DX and thanks for the link. 1 last question before sending it though. If the SLC have a gone ahead and obtained a 'backdoor CCJ' before it was sold in 2013, would my loan still be SB? Cheers
  6. Thank you for your response. It's been over 20 - ish years since I had any contact with the SLC informing them of my illness and never with Erudio/Capquest.
  7. Hi there My apologies if this is repetitive but I hope you can help as I am besides myself with worry. Like many others on this forum, I too am being chased for a student loan taken out approximately in 1994 or 1995. I became mentally ill whereby I was hospitalised so did not complete my 2 yr study. Approximately last couple of years, 2 or 3 'nice' letters from CQ began to arrive offering me a reduced settlement rate, I followed advice received from CB and ignored them as the debt was not on my Credit Report. I received a letter on 16/12 stating that CQ will be referring my details to ResolveCall for them to visit my property. Today, ResolveCall have written to me to confirm their intentions to attend my home within 7 days. - This has left me in a panic mode as I currently have a complex MH issue as well as a severe disability. I am still my MH medication and housebound. Since 1995 I have moved twice . I was again hospitalised in 1997 and unfortunately left me with a life long physical disability. I have been at my present property for over 20 years. I have always been registered on the electoral register. I don't remember ever making a payment or directly contacting the SLC or being notified of any proceedings from SLC regarding the loan - my carer back then was handling my financial details so would assume they would have been contacted and notified them of my illness as I also had other debts (even with CQ) that were successfully managed and paid off. I am not sure what to do now as although your site has a wealth of information, I cannot find anything that relates to my situation . I am confused as to whether the loan is SB considering that it is almost over 25 years old. Many thanks in advance for all you help MB
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