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  1. Hi received a small claim track to court the date being next year! Now received a out of court settlement from vcs! I s it best to ignore this letter or is a reply in substance required?
  2. Hi all, hope you are well! received N180 for mediation etc. Filled out and sent all copies as no to med etc!! sent in good time as today is the day for receiving to the cc so curious now what to expect in timelines etc and for what purpose ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi simple question to ask when logged in on Mcol to send defence in (20/03) is there any particular method to follow, for example Certain boxes to tick etc, Is it ok to log into start defence tab just to have a look at it to get familiar or once started you got to finish it ?
  4. Thanks and no shall not until the 20th if anything new crops up (CPR) shall post it up for advice, meanwhile working on WS.
  5. Hi defence attached, your thoughts please. Thanks in advance Hi all sent the CPR free proof of post 1st class on the 24th February, just curious now on what to expect, best time to send the defence etc, I suppose at this time it is to be something like: 1. No cause for action against the defendant, the defendant is the keeper of the vehicle and VCS have failed to show who was driving at the time and so cannot create a keeper liability and as they have failed to follow protocols of the POFA 2012: their accessing of the DVLA database is without reasonable cause.
  6. CPR letter then sorry just I knew what I meant. You know I fought three tickets over last few years two conceded before any independent Appeals Service and excel got trashed at bpa, ok I apologise for not being here before with the BS that is no stopping. WS I have no problem with cos facts speak for themselves, it’s terminology and timescales that is confusing and I think you will find that deliberate. By the way it’s my young son who is the defendant and registered keeper at all times who’s having his rights to do anything later in life threate
  7. All done so next step is to send to VCS the aos as template letter on here with specific amendments to the situation! do you want to see this?
  8. Ahh it is post 42 not 43! And you must file a defence by day 33, how do you get supplied a form from court? Do the AOS now and send off the CPR request tomorrow (get a free certificate of posting from the post office). VCS won't reply as their boss is a greedy & arrogant oaf, and that will go in your favour in court. When the time comes to file a defence, yes you can fill in the form the court sends, or you can do it via MCOL which is easier, your choice.
  9. Sorry I don’t think you get what I mean, all I am asking is when do you actually start to defend their fictional claim using the few basic points, ‘defence will inly be a few basic std points in most no stopping threads already here.’ I am sorry to be a pain
  10. Hi yes done all this but there is conflicting information. For the AOS I see the template letter to edit and for using. but for defence regarding no stopping, prohibited signage no parking event grace periods codes of practice etc are all understood it’s when to actually use the info when and at what time! this can for example be simply just 5 bullet points in defence I read but when is this instigated and witness statements they seem to be at length so when does this come into play?
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