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  1. Back to post #28 you says don’t adapt it but another says change as not from dca but from vcs direct, just curious? apologies again
  2. wondered about this: Even Will and John, the parking worlds’ worst solicitors seem to have got fed up with Simple Simon's stupidity and greed and presumably that is why you are wasting your ink on his behalf. Best to leave it out? sign? Yours faithfully Resistered keeper (i think)!
  3. Hi mynameisjeff have you sent the snotty letter and how did you amend ‘the last line’ being from vcs themselves ?
  4. I read this somewhere but now you say 30 it becomes clear, self doubt I guess, but by the 16th of this month the alleged PCN/ntk is over 6 months so bylaw prosecution passed, intend to send reply after the 16. By the way thanks for everything you do and the cag team.
  5. Hi letter before claim is dated 27/12/19 sent second class so came yesterday with bank hols delays convenient to lose days in response, am I right then the unfortunately for you response in last post needs to be received back to VCS in 14 days meaning 09/01/20?
  6. Well the letter before claim what is the advice now? Send a letter as post 32 in link from post 17?
  7. 32 is to read yes, 33 is a comment on 32, hope I’m navigating through this correctly! Thanks in advance
  8. LBC Pg1;.pdfLBC Pg2;.pdf COMES WITH FINANCE STATEMENT booklet to be ignored I BET And a reply form asking to tick boxes like I dispute debt etc
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