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  1. Today my other half received a letter stating that they are adjusting his tax code to k149 due to unpaid self employment tax. He had a letter about a month ago stating that he owed money due to penalties for not returning self assessment tax returns, however he is employed by a company where he has been paying taxes and not actually self employed. He did do a spurt of taxi driving over Xmas a few years ago but filed and paid the taxes then stopped doing it. the amount owed in total is £2800, I am on maternity and we can not afford the extra £240 a month tax ecspecially for something
  2. The letter says somebody to contact me then if I don’t contact them they will pass it onto a debt collection company
  3. Hi dx what should I do. He just said hmrc would be back in touch and that he’d note that I was on maternity I’ve just seen this. Noted for in future
  4. Hi I’ve spoken to the company blue stone and they’ve said I’m unable to set up an arrangement as I don’t have enough disposable income so they will look to refer it back to hmrc. I’m extremely worried again
  5. On the letter it says notice to pay and that I need to pay the amount within 14 days or they will refer it to a dca. I can’t find the letter again so not sure who to ring
  6. Hi all I’ve had my notice to pay through for £3770 should I ring them or what do I do? thanks
  7. I would honestly ring and check to make sure it goes back to October 18. It’s better than worrying about it
  8. I just told them everything and then nothing can come back and I’m not going to be worried about it.
  9. As tempting as it is, mine also stated April 2019, I told them it was back to jan 2019. Whilst the lady said she was only concerned with this year, she did the back office will deal with the previous time. I’ve since received an amended claim. I also had the element that I hadn’t updated my to a joint. in all honesty, as scary as it is, the lady was fine on the phone didn’t judge or ask why I’d not reported it. I apologised profusely and now I know that I’m not going to receive a check asking about previous years and be in the same position. If I’d have not backdated it t
  10. Hey I’m more than happy to offer my experience is it ok on here or shall I wait for a new thread as I can’t find one? also I’ve not yet received a letter stating my claim has ended even though my payments have stopped. Should I be worried?
  11. Hi another update. My claim is closed and I’m just awaiting the overpayment letter. It closed yesterday after u contacted them again and for some reason they paid me one last amount. She said my claim won’t be backdated as far as I’ve told them as they allow a month anyway. anyway I’m happy to say I no longer claim tax credits and other than dealing with the overpayment, all of my drama is over ( I’m sure I’ll come back for advice on paying it back). As good as tax credits are I genuinely hope I don’t have to deal with them again, ever. thank you to everybod
  12. I think that’s why in some sense I don’t want to ring again as I’ve spoken to somebody and changed it also online. The childcare has been removed but not the single to joint. If I get somebody who is horrible it’s going to set me off again worrying.
  13. No email but I think either way I know it’s been reported so it’s with them now. I feel so much better, to be honest I feel like I can be happy not hiding anything
  14. I have done it online and it said my claim would cancel but nothings happened
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