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  1. I just told them everything and then nothing can come back and I’m not going to be worried about it.
  2. As tempting as it is, mine also stated April 2019, I told them it was back to jan 2019. Whilst the lady said she was only concerned with this year, she did the back office will deal with the previous time. I’ve since received an amended claim. I also had the element that I hadn’t updated my to a joint. in all honesty, as scary as it is, the lady was fine on the phone didn’t judge or ask why I’d not reported it. I apologised profusely and now I know that I’m not going to receive a check asking about previous years and be in the same position. If I’d have not backdated it to jan I’d have always been worried about if it got found out or if they did check it. ring now and save unnessary worry
  3. Hey I’m more than happy to offer my experience is it ok on here or shall I wait for a new thread as I can’t find one? also I’ve not yet received a letter stating my claim has ended even though my payments have stopped. Should I be worried?
  4. Hi another update. My claim is closed and I’m just awaiting the overpayment letter. It closed yesterday after u contacted them again and for some reason they paid me one last amount. She said my claim won’t be backdated as far as I’ve told them as they allow a month anyway. anyway I’m happy to say I no longer claim tax credits and other than dealing with the overpayment, all of my drama is over ( I’m sure I’ll come back for advice on paying it back). As good as tax credits are I genuinely hope I don’t have to deal with them again, ever. thank you to everybody who took their time to comment. I’ll be sitting down and compiling a list to sort out my ongoing debts now.
  5. I think that’s why in some sense I don’t want to ring again as I’ve spoken to somebody and changed it also online. The childcare has been removed but not the single to joint. If I get somebody who is horrible it’s going to set me off again worrying.
  6. No email but I think either way I know it’s been reported so it’s with them now. I feel so much better, to be honest I feel like I can be happy not hiding anything
  7. I have done it online and it said my claim would cancel but nothings happened
  8. Me again! So I made the change to the childcare and also made the change from single to joint and today I received a payment. I logged online and it still says I’m single not sure what to do
  9. I do. I must admit I woke up dreading ringing but just thought I’m going to do it. There were no questioning or anything just that she would put a referral in to get it sorted for last tax year and she would update this years. I had already updated everything online in the middle of the night too. childcare and single claim all cancelled but upon unclebulgarias advise I thought I’d check other things and realised we hadn’t applied for the 16weeks child benefit
  10. So after all of that worrying I spoke to a lady on the phone who has updated the claim, I will get a letter explaining everything and there’s no further action. I am crying because it’s such a relief. It was just a general check to make sure everything was up to date as I’ve not contacted them. thank you so much for every bodies help, now to run my credit file and open a new post.
  11. Thank you. if think it’s definitely given me the kick up to him to start dealing with Debts etc and sort out my b I’ll come back once I know the next stages and what’s happening. Why are the hmrc more lenient than the dwp? I’ve read cases where people have been punished for A lot smaller amounts. I think it’ll be a relief At the same time getting it off my chest and not living a lie
  12. Thank you. Roll on 8.30am, as much as I am dreading ringing I don’t want to cause any more trouble and lesson definitely learnt. I can’t beleive I’ve been so stupid
  13. Hi do you know if the interview would then be criminal proceedings? I will be open and honest with everything and give them as much information as possible as would rather have the debt to pay back than completely have my life ruined and have it hanging over my head. we won’t be making a joint claim and he is unaware of any of this but I have my reasons due to him leaving and coming back etc. If it was an iuc are the outcomes harsher! I’ll be fully honest with them. That is the only letter I have received from them so would you say it is like a get of jail free card and just an invitation for me to own up, it’s weird how they’ve not requested evidence at this point. I think I’m scared I’m going to ring up in the morning and make everything worse and they will escalate it then. is it normal for them just to ask me to ring up? thanks again, I know I am probably covering and asking the same things but I’m trying to prepare myself.
  14. Thank you so much that’s put my mind at ease. tomtom would they have already invited me for an interview under caution? I just found it strange how they’ve just asked me to ring and if not then they’ll arrange an interview Shall I confess to everything including that it needs to be joint on the phone also? thanks again
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