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  1. @slick132 JFYI, I have just confirmed with Mrs. and she has confirmed that she is 101% sure that she put “pregnancy” as reason in the app.
  2. Hi @slick132 I don’t know the exact dates but it should be around the dat she went in last time. Not only she mentioned this, before we signed up for gym, we did mention that she might have to cancel should we fall in such situation. So, we need most flexible option albeit slightly expensive. Also when we raised complaint with Xercise4less 2 days ago, we did say that we can make an extra payment if we have made a procedural mistake. The thing is if it was our mistake, they should have contacted us rather than waiting for 3 months and then intimidating us via
  3. Hi @slick132 1. My wife did tell the gym management that she is in family way 2. She cancelled via app, so I am not sure exactly if that app asked us the reason, if so I guess we would have pit the reason as health down 3. With re to notice she stopped using the gym on or around 09/08/19 and another payment was out on 13/08/2019 and from what we remember we cancelled in period in between BUT CRS is insisting that we cancelled few days after tye payment was out. Either way no one contacted us to that we owe them until last week. Thanks for your help
  4. @dx100ukThanks for your response. I read on this forum somewhere, that they successfully got a CCJ against one of their victims and the lady had to apply to set aside the order. Mean this has its own costs which are lesser than what they are asking me albeit very unfair. What are the chances that this can happen to us? Despite of my experience and brain telling me that I should ignore them. What are the chances they can do the same with me? I have dealt with debt collection agencies before but CRS/Harlands have no grace wh
  5. Hi, I am sorry, I know this has been discussed over and over again BUT I don't seem to find anywhere how the nightmares with CRS/ Xercise4less/ Harlands ended. My wife had a Gym membership with Xercise4less. She was on one month rolling contract with Xercise4less and had to stop using the GYM because she was in family way and this decision was based on the advice from the midwife. The last time she went to the Gym was on or around 09/08/2019. We let another payment go out on 13/08/2019 so that it accounts for another month, so we were doubly sure.
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