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  1. Thanks guys for all the sound advice really appreciate it. I had a sleepness night over what was best to do
  2. The letters basically say we wrote to you previously to let you know that my bg account has been sold to llowel ( they haven't sent anything before now) that's the same with eon t The vanquis and BT letter say as the New owner of your vanquis/BT account we are contacting you to arrange payment. The last time I paid British gas was 2014 Eon July 2017 . BT struggling with that one as my broadband was with talk talk until I cancelled it was over my 2year contract. And vanquis was 2017 when I sent them an letter to say I would be cancelling the DD as I was off work Sic
  3. No she only answers calls she knows she doesn't even have a contract phone nothing on credit she's very old fashioned like that
  4. Yes since 2009 she moved to a part of the UK near other family and I stayed in the same area until last year when I was homeless (no fault of my own) was renting private then I moved further north she lives Midlands way
  5. Yes still in the UK the last time I lived at my mum's was 2007 and that was abroad
  6. Thanks for the help and advice in the post first thing in the morning
  7. No to be honest i was more concerned about finding somewhere to live I had my job but was homeless. never dealt with them before until my mum opened my letters as they were sent to her address I've never even had anything in her address. thing is she only moved there 5 week's ago I haven't even replied to them yet as I don't know what is best to do. I've got untill the 27th December to get in touch with them The company's knew my address before I was homeless but never heard back from them ie eon and vanquis . at the time I offered t
  8. British gas from 26/12/11 to 15/02/14 however I was with British gas from july 2009 to 2013 at the address they're stating. Eon from 08/03/2014 to 31/07/2017 at the address I was living at Bt has the amount owed however no address the they supplied and from when same with vanquis I also gave eon my New address at the time I left my old house and received nothing from them I've not been able to log in to my online account with eon since I informed them I was moving in 2017 never had a final bill
  9. No the only thing showing on my credit file is anything from 2017 to present. Previous to 2017 I will admit isn't great my credit rating was very poor and I did default on payments to a bank I was with in 2009 however never heard from them either.
  10. I'm in need of some help. I've just received 4 letters from llowel regarding a few debts from 2014 which was sent to my mum's address (I've never lived with my mum at that address) moved out at 16 . One of the debts is a electric company for £100 who knew at the time my forwarding address and I haven't heard anything from them at all no reminders or letters saying I owed them anything. Same for the other 2 gave them my forwarding address and not once did hear anything from the original people who I owed the money to. The last letter is for a credit card whic
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