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  1. Just an update on this. I received my call back from Jennifer who wanted to personally sort this issue hence why I didn't ring them and having to speak to someone new After sending the amended engineers report with costs direct to her, I was put on hold thinking I'm going to have to battle it out, I was pleasantly surprised when she said I got a deduction refund based on the 13 months of ownership. How does the depreciation calculation work ? I paid £220 but I'll be refunded for £175 once they've collected it on Sunday. Thanks again for all your help and I hope this will help anyone else in a similar situation. I forgot to say after she initially refunded the dryer I asked about them covering the cost of the engineer report. I had to prompt them otherwise they would have let me go. We met half way so got £15 back
  2. Ok thanks. The cost of the report was £30. I will relay to AO what you said about the inherent part. I have funny feeling that they're going to be difficult going by my dealings with them so far. I should be getting a call back soon Thanks again for your help
  3. What should I say if AO still challenge the report by it not saying the fault is inherent ? I forgot to ask do AO have to reimburse me for the cost of the report?
  4. Ok well I got the amended report showing costs involved which is pretty much what we paid for the machine. I got them to include that the fault wasn't caused by the user
  5. Ok well I can get them to sort a report out again with the cost but I wasn't told to include that originally. What's confusing me is the inherent fault as AO won't proceed unless it's stated in the report
  6. I sent AO a report from an independent engineer saying that the PCB is at fault. I have now had a phone call from AO now saying that it doesn't include the cost to repair on the report even though at the time they didn't ask for that. I was only told verbally at the time he was testing the dryer that it wasn't worth fixing due to cost They're also saying it needs to be inherent fault but how will an engineer know this as this wasn't stated in the report?
  7. AO are big online white goods retailer. It's a Beko DTGC7000W and was purchased 13 months ago and hardly used in that time.
  8. I rang AO.com about a faulty tumble dryer and was told they don't offer a repair but was passed to some 3rd party insurance company domestic general wanting £15 a month... Beko was no help either so I got a local repairer in and he confirmed it was the PCB which makes it beyond economic repair. After some digging I read online that I need some independent report and my contract is with AO. I was wondering how detailed does the report need to be regards to the PCB and what other things need to be written in the report before I can take action against AO? Can the report be done by email or does it need to be on paper? What options can I pursue after getting the report? Thanks
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