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  1. Hi Dx. May be worth mentioning that anything before Oct 2019 (in addition to the standard responses) can be treated with the attention it deserves. i.e. ignored or roll it up, apply a liberal smearing of Vaseline and send it back with instructions to insert where the sun doesn't shine (all personal details removed before hand of course)
  2. Dragonfly Need to let us know how you get on. I'm expecting similar soon with more than 4 years of hounding from these clowns. I'm north of the border so a little harder for them to threaten anything other than a bit of flag waving so cant wait for the letter drop :)
  3. Our postie must have wondered what was going on.. lol BTW, the DCBL logo isnt very well printed, neither is the CH5 ones. They must need a new printer
  4. Same received here. As an avid avoider of PCNs I managed to accumulatea huge number of these. All ignored, all treated with the contempt they deserve. Today a batch drop of 'Debt Recovery' letters (around 18) all with the DCBL headed paper for a few PCNs dating back teh last few years. Funnily enough the first line of the back page of each one states 'This case is not subject to High Court or Bailiff action' Front of the letter tries to say differently though and has a few contact numbers as well as the usual' A further £70.oo + VAT, administration and arecovery blah blah.
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