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  1. Hey, t I didnt even know I had an All Section excess as I did I through a broker who did not tell me I had a £3000 excess at the time. This was my first insurance I was not privey to how insurance work. If I knew then of course I would not have taken it. young mans mistake.
  2. Hey, Could you explain to me what a SAR is and how do I send it? Thanks DX
  3. Hi, I was recently involded in an accident, in late 2018, where a pedestrian accused me of hitting her when I was reversing. I did not hit her and I was arguing with her about it but she believed I did. She filed no police report or call the ambulance, did not take down any of my details and she just went about her day. (keep in mind I saw the women who claimed to be hit walking fine the next day) A couple a weeks later I recieved a letter from a solicitor making a personal injuries claim. Of course what followed was a call from XS Direct. I tol
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