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  1. We will need to look at the terms and conditions, yes, but my understanding of the general law in this area (I may be wrong, as I'm not an expert) is that Argos must issue a cash refund if this is requested/insisted on. But I would appreciate it if somebody who actually has knowledge of this can confirm one way or the other. Morally/ethically, it is a faulty product and we are asking Argos to repay what we paid for it under circumstances where replacement is not available. This does seem reasonable, but is that the law?
  2. We have a store card with Argos - it's called an 'Argos Card', but just to be clear, it is NOT a credit card. (The credit cards Argos offer are separate and different, and we don't have one of those). We purchased a product from Argos in September this year. The purchase was on the Argos store card, to which we then made repayments each month by direct debit from a bank account. By November, the product was faulty. At this point, there was still some of the balance owing. Argos collected the product and took it back under warranty. Argos were unable to offer a replacement item as they have stopped stocking it, and we decided not to purchase an alternative from Argos. This is when the problems started. Argos then refunded us (i.e. refunded our credit payments) to the Argos store card itself, rather than the bank account, and Argos refuse to issue a cash refund to us of the payments we made up to November. They insist that the 'refund' must take the form of credit to the store card only, despite this being our money (paid for a faulty product that Argos have taken back). My question is: - Can we insist that Argos issue a store card refund to us in cash?
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