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  1. We received DRP Letter in October that we owe them 140 pounds as we didn't pay PESS on time. We called DRP as we have not received any parking charges letter from PESS. We live in the flat and normally if we are parked at wrong place, we will get tickets on our window shield which was not the case this time. DRP didn't want to listen to us and asked us to pay them on the phone same time. We asked them to send us the proof which they declined. After that they started calling my husband on his phone which they noted when we called them initially. After 3rd call, husband got annoyed at them and ask them to stop harassing him at work. In November we started getting letter from Zenith Collections for the same, which we ignored. Now yesterday, we received the letter from Gladstone Solicitors that we have to pay the agent (DRP) of their client (PESS) 140 pounds or go to court. We would like some guidance. Shall we pay and be free or we have any chance of winning this case. Thanks in advance..
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