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    Hi, Not sure if I have the right place but a lot of questions seemed to be answered really well so I will try and tap the available knowledge. I am a student mental health nurse in my second year and have run into a problem regarding my licence. At the start of June I had a bipolar episode that finished, declared by my psychiatrist on Oct 6th. I am fine with this (as you can be) as it has happened every 5 years for the past 20 years. The time previous to this I took my car off the road and did not inform the DVLA and then when my psychiatrist "indicated" it was ok I drove. This time because I wanted to do it right because I am trying to "do it right" I contacted the DVLA and just wow. They told me the date was to be the 29th November to start my 3-month ban and that I was to send back my licence and re-apply after those 3 months. Can I ask a question or two about this information??? Why did they start my 3-months on the 29th Nov when my doctor told me I was completely fine on the 6th Oct - It has added a huge amount of time onto my ban (7 weeks approx). Is there anything I can do about this? It's like they picked a future random date out of the air(29th Nov). Can I get them to go with my doctor's 6th Oct if I ring up and tell them this is the date she chose (she chose to declare me ill on one day, why do they ignore the date I was well?) Should I ring them up and if so, what should I say? Also on the re-application papers sent out there is a section that says: "where there has been a history of frequent relapses a longer period of stability will be required..." Honestly, this terrifies me. What is the time they count as "frequent relapses?" Is it every 2 or 3 years, or 5? If it is 5 years and I fall under that banner say, what are they going to say to me? A 6 month absence? A year? It's pretty scary stuff to be honest. If you can reply, can you be sure to give me the correct info if you can. I thank you for your time in advance, All the best, ste.
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