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  1. The Judge just said he didn't need to go into the other points because the issue of exactly where the car was stopped meant that he was prepared to throw out the case.
  2. Hearing was yesterday - after a 30 minute delay, the phone conference based case was over in 30 mins - and I WON! Mr Robinson, who wrote their WS didn't turn up (as expected) - instead it was Mr Pickup. The judge jumped straight on the fact the witness was not present for questioning, and that in their WS, they stated that if Mark Robinson wasn't available, that the hearing be based on documents only. He asked Mr Pickup to clarify whether the hearing was based on documents or Mr Pickup as a representative. The Judge was very good (not that I have had any previous experience). He
  3. Finally have their WS. It seems very basic compared to others I've seen, with very little evidence. (does this mean I need to expect a supplementary WS once they've read mine?) They point out copy and paste in the defence, but then talk about the land being a shopping centre on page 6 (xvii) when it is an airport! (not the only one copying and pasting I guess!!) They have also included the contract with the airport, which is good, as the images support my case for the vehicle being outside the enforcement area. They didn't address point about bylaws in my defence (continu
  4. Apologies - I had a lot going on and didn't end up posting it up - it's attached below. I got it to the Court and DCB on time. They will have got my email address from when I sent a request under CPR31.14 Exibit List - Redacted.pdf Witness Statement Redacted.pdf
  5. They have attempted to email the witness statement today, with a date of three days ago in the subject. It was either not attached or blocked though so I still don't have a copy...
  6. I've just called them - they haven't received anything either. They suggested sending them an email to tell them I haven't received. Should I suggest that it shouldn't be possible to use at the hearing, or go so far as suggest the case be struck out?
  7. VCS have missed the deadline for sending copies of their WS to me - does that provide any opportunity for me to request that the case be struck out, or do I just have to accept it and wait..?
  8. Yeah, I've had a look through but not been able to find any with photos of the signs though, but I'll check again though. In my WS, should I include specifics of the day - e.g. where the vehicle was, the fact it was only stationary for 11 seconds, not parked etc? I've seen those sort of details in some WS, but not others.
  9. I was hoping to get some decent pictures of the signs at Bristol Airport ahead of the submitting my WS, but with lock down 2.0, I won't be able to. I've got a screen grab from Google Street View that shows one of the signs at an angle, but if anyone knows where I can get a better picture of the one attached, I'd be grateful - its the second sign on your left as you go in!
  10. I've been reading up on the court "bundle" - do I actually need to send the WS etc to the court and VCS in a lever arch file, or just the pages?
  11. I've done some reading and making some progress - should I replicate anything/everything that I've already submitted in my defence? Also, I've seen a WS that includes a counter claim - should/can I include it? I didn't declare a wish to counterclaim on any of the MCOL/court paperwork.
  12. Thanks. I've seen exhibit cover sheets mentioned on a few other threads - what do they need to include? Is it just a separator page before each exhibit itself with the exhibit number on it? Does it include the "title" of the exhibit too?
  13. Wrote to the court about the fee date being after the hearing, and they admitted it was a mistake so it's now 13th November, statements by 16th, hearing 9th December. I've made progress on my WS, but I assume if I leave it till last minute to send, I can find out if VCS actually pay the fee before I do (if them not paying the fee on time actually gets the case dismissed rather than postponed)
  14. It says "Unless the claimant does by 4.00pm on the 11 December 2020 pay to the court the trial fee of £25.00 or file a properly completed application......then the claim will be struck out" - seems like an error to me as I assume it would normally be paid before the court date?
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