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  1. Thanks, will be contacting them to inform them of my address.
  2. Thanks for all your help. There hasn't been payment/acknowledgement and I am going to let one run down but will deal with the other two as suggested. Cheers again S
  3. I agree that burying your head in the sand isn't the way to go, I never said it was. Out of the three debtors, only one doesn't know where I live. In fairness, that does mean I would be vulnerable to a "backdoor CCJ". I didn't know what that was. I was young when this occured and am trying to improve my life. Thank you for patronising me and being rude for not being an expert on debt (I thought that may be a good thing!). You have however provided some good advice so I do appreciate that. But, I did only ask one question - "will it actually ta
  4. I just think they are more likely to take it to court if I suddenly get in touch and tell them where I live... Just logic IMO To be honest it's just one company anyway. One already know and I am going to pay the second one off.
  5. Fair point, but what if they take it to court before it becomes statute barred?
  6. You have been helpful and I genuinely appreciate the advice, but there is no need the patronising. This is Post 9: a backdoor CCJ is one served to an old address whereby you have never informed anyone in its chain you have moved . the 1st you know about it is viewing your credit file or bailiffs at your door. these are called roboclaims, as everything is done automictically by the debt owners pc system and sent to northants bulk which is again an automated system, no human sees or checks anything, so a debt being statute barred or not is totally immateri
  7. I have no idea, to be honest not clued up on this sort of thing. I presume the court cannot check. But surely they cannot obtain a CCJ if the debt is statute barred? If they get one because the court doesn't realise, surely I can then go and defend that?
  8. I was under the impression they could no longer get a CCJ once the debt become statute barred? I don't think the company in February are going to bother. The one from 2015 I am going to pay off so I won't have to worry about a CCJ. I guess the third one could be a concern.
  9. There is nothing on my credit file regarding any CCJ's, just defaults.
  10. dx100uk - Sorry I don't understand your above comments. Is the debt still statute barred even if I haven't told them my address? I know if they have a CCJ this isn't the case, but if we presume they haven't? What is a backdoor CCJ? Thanks S
  11. It's for an old address, I moved about 5 years ago and I haven't heard anything from them. Morally I was thinking of paying the water bill at the very least. Thanks for your help anyway, much appreciated
  12. Thanks to you both for you replies and apologies for the delay in responding. On my credit file, it says the defaulted dates are the ones in 2014 and 2015 as above. The creditors are a Water Company, a Mobile Phone contract and a Gas/Electricity Company. To my knowledge, the first two are still owned by the original creditors, the third one is owned by a third party (Lowells). It was all direct debits that I didn't pay at the time. The amounts outstanding are £260, £465 and £670. I haven't made any payments since the d
  13. Hi, Thanks for any advice I receive in advance. If I am honest I haven't really cared about my credit file until recently and am just looking for some advice after signing up. I was in a stupid financial position a few years back, i was a fairly typical teenager who didn't care about debt etc but fortunately I have grown up and am looking to improve this. I have three defaults on my credit file, from February 2014, June 2014 and May 2015. My question is about what happens when these are removed. I understand that the defaults are removed afte
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