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  1. hi get a quote stating the fault, cause and cost to fix. call currys and go through the options to customer service, not the option for my product is faulty. ask to speak to the out of warranty department. explain, if you can email the quote to them, they'll give you a CC ref code. they'll choose to give you a repair or depreciated credit. you can also go into your nearest store and ask the knowhow guys to forward the relevant info to the 'save our customers' email department. either way, they'll contact you after they have the information and make you
  2. great stuff. i will continue to lurk and help with any currys pcw related items i can. bare in mind i no longer work for the company any things may change in the future as far as processes. id personally never buy anything samsung after having had to call their useless customer service for the past few years. they dont deserve your money
  3. ok heres what you do. if it was bought online, find the pdf receipt from your emails and either print it or keep it handy. go to your local shop and explain to the customer service that you are now rejecting further repairs under CRA. have the most recent job numbers handy. as the items were delivered they will be able to locate whats known as the SALT number by going into the till under reporting, receipt lookup and using the details you have on your receipt. if it was bought online using online credit, you will need to phone customer services as stores cannot ac
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