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  1. great stuff. i will continue to lurk and help with any currys pcw related items i can. bare in mind i no longer work for the company any things may change in the future as far as processes. id personally never buy anything samsung after having had to call their useless customer service for the past few years. they dont deserve your money
  2. ok heres what you do. if it was bought online, find the pdf receipt from your emails and either print it or keep it handy. go to your local shop and explain to the customer service that you are now rejecting further repairs under CRA. have the most recent job numbers handy. as the items were delivered they will be able to locate whats known as the SALT number by going into the till under reporting, receipt lookup and using the details you have on your receipt. if it was bought online using online credit, you will need to phone customer services as stores cannot access the online credit facilities. if it was paid by card or in store you're fine. choose a replacement or request a refund (you won't get the money back till its been collected). if its over 100 days old, they will need to process a manual refund due to eclipse till system limitations. when returning in the reason field they put "rejected further repairs under CRA, prev job ref xxx" then the serial number (please have it handy) then under RA they put CRA faulty returns. it goes down as a pending refund, once its collected you return to store with your card (or to collect your cash). and its done. the item will be returned to 7800 and processed to go back to samsung. if store argues they won't do it due to a chargeback, they will not get one if you include the prev job ref's as head office are able to see the attempted repairs via these refs when cross referencing with samsung. if the store argues, get them to ring sheffield call centre and ask for an empowerment. this also stops the store being charged the retail value on their P&L. without revealing who i am or which store i (until very recently) worked in, this is the correct process.
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