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  1. Ok thank you London1971. Do you know at what point I need to respond, if at all?
  2. Hi All, I hope you are all healthy and happy. Please see latest received from IDR. Should I now be communicating with them? The current pandemic has hit hard, and affordability is even worse than before now for me. Many Thanks. UAE BANK.pdf
  3. Ok thank you Andy. I’ll email them in the morning. In your experience, what would be the usual “discount” offered on a debt, if any? Or is that getting ahead of myself?!
  4. This letter was end of January, since moved as mentioned so there is every possibility several more letters could have arrived since. But have now redirected my mail using Royal Mail as of this week.
  5. Hi Unclebulgaria67, Thanks for your reply. I left Dubai due to suffering from post natal depression and needed support from my family back home. I owe 90,000 AED in total, and stopped paying when I left in October '18. There were excessive interest/fees added (i'm sure i have paid the original amount owed twice over once you add late fees and the interest) and no understanding from the banks when I had to stop working in Dubai due to my health. When I asked for help the bank managers and telephone support centres would always say I must borrow from a friend or family member or sell something. I think i was quite fortunate to get out of the country when I did. I'm self-employed here in the UK and own no assets, not even a car. To be honest, I can't go through the stress of going to court so i feel it may be best to work out a payment plan for an agreed amount. I just don't know the right way to achieve the best result. Any further pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you To add, I could afford small repayments and happy to arrange that just to get this over and done with. But I doubt they would want to listen to the types of payment i could afford. Ahh sorry for that upload DX. Do you need me to upload the letter again or did you see it?
  6. There isn't much of a postal system in Dubai, I have had birthday cards etc posted to me in Dubai over the years and often it would take 2 months to even reach me, if at all. That is my only concern about posting to Dubai. With regards to wording of the letters. See attached for latest from International Debt Recovery. The text from Judge & Priestly just says "Please Contact Judge & Priestly Solicitors on 020 8290 7316 ref xxxx. This is not a sales or marketing text. Please do not reply to this message." In the reference number there are letters included that allude to ENBD.
  7. I haven’t sent anything yet so do let me know what you think I’m best off doing...
  8. No :-(. I never realised their importance all those years ago and left behind in Dubai. When I say all those years ago I mean when I got the initial paperwork and agreements. I only left Dubai in 2018, and discarded it all.
  9. Ok. So make contact now and give them my contact details? Should this be done by phone or email or post? Date they were taken out were in 2014, I need to get the exact date... and last payments in October 2018. Thank you
  10. Hi dx, Thank you for your response. I have moved within the UK twice since late 2018 (with family at first and now on my second rental). The 2 companies have my previous rental address, presumably they got this from my credit file. I have not responded to them at all, so no opportunity to give them my new contact details. I've just set up mail redirection from my old property to my new one. My social media is all private with no telling details, and my LinkedIn just shows me as a freelancer (which I am). Thanks so much. Hi Andy. Yes, letters to my old rental address. Although, I have just set up mail redirection to my new address through the Royal Mail. Thanks.
  11. Hi Andy, Thank you for your quick reply! Letters and emails from IDRWW have been the usual reply within 14 days, and that they are understanding of financial affordability. Texts from IDRWW and Judge & Priestly are just asking for me to contact them via telephone. As mentioned, I do intend to pay back as i can't imagine there is ever a scenario where you are able to just walk away (although I have huge issues with the finance they just throw at you willy nilly in the UAE regardless of affordability etc). Thank you again.
  12. Hello, I've read various threads on here but struggled to see clear outcomes. I have two debts from the UAE, I moved back to the UK last year for personal reasons leaving behind a loan and credit card. I have received contact from IDRWW (with regards to my Mashreq account) and Judge & Priestly Solicitors (regarding my ENBD account). Should I be engaging with them to arrange a repayment plan or should I wait for court summons? Of course, I don't expect to get away with not paying back but I do intend to pay back but only based on my current affordability, which really isn't a lot in all honesty. It might be worth noting that I have no intention of returning to the UAE, or indeed travelling through the region, again. Also, I have moved address so they currently do not have my new postal contact details. However, they have sourced my telephone number (only received SMS thus far) and email address. Huge thanks in advance for any advice offered.
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