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  1. They claim £1 payment was paid in 2014. I have bank statements going back to December 2012. They show no payments to the debt. Or even for any payments of £1. This is the only account I have held. I have never used a cca request before and this is my first dealing with this type of thing. Never went into a debt management plan. I went onto the electoral register at my new address and then a shoosmiths letter arrived about a month later regarding this.
  2. Court date is 23rd Jan. I'm looking forward to seeing what evidence they send me of the payments I have apparently made.
  3. Thats a very valid point. This is the only instruction on the letter. If I don't send proof of no payment to them then surely I could not use that as evidence in court. Also any ideas how a bundle of evidence should be presented?
  4. Update. So I received my court date. Any evidence from both sides needs to be sent to the courts and opposing sides 10 days before the court date. No defense to file so this is where things differ from the rest of the UK. Would bank statements be enough evidence to prove my statue barred case?
  5. Thanks for the continued help. In regards to sending a DSAR to Arrow. I believe that a DSAR should be signed. Should i be sending Arrow anything with my signature on it?
  6. Definitely small claims. I have printed off CCA request and DSAR and will be posting a CCA and DSAR to arrow and a DSAR to MBNA first thing tommorrow. I can't see the DSAR being returned by the court date tho as I believe it all moves quite fast over here.
  7. dx100uk yes that is correct...N125 Sorry I didn't specify...It's with the court costs added that brings it to over £3000. I did receive a claim pack..I was late on opening it. With it being a Saturday I lodged my dispute online with the generic statue barred comments and phoned the court on the Monday.. thankfully they have took my dispute as priority as shoosmiths had not lodged a default decree yet. Court says keep a better eye on your post and look out for your court date. This is what I am looking to get prepared with.
  8. This is for a small claim. I believe form 42 is used for a civil bill. I may be wrong. I don't have my court date letter yet so I'm unsure of the next step after I receive it. Just want to get everything in place.
  9. Thanks BankFodder I will get onto that right away. Where will they say the £1 payment came from as it clearly hasn't came from me.
  10. Yeah Northern ireland is slightly different you dispute the claim. Hard to find any info on the system here. I have already checked my bank statements. No payment was made. Do I make the CCA request and SAR to Arrow or Shoosmiths?
  11. No cca requested. The debt was assigned to arrow Jun 2012. If I have made no payments or acknowledgement of the debt to arrow would this not suggest that the debt is statue barred.
  12. I can't clarify when my last payment was made but I have made no payments to arrow at all.
  13. Letter dated 29 Oct 2019. Return date 28 Nov 2019. I only noticed the letter after the return date on 30 Nov 2019. As it was a Saturday I panicked and filed a dispute online on the grounds that the debt is statue barred. On the Monday I phoned the court and because shoosmiths hadn't filed for a default decree yet my dispute took priority. They told me to keep an eye on the post as this means it will go to court. So just waiting on a court date I assume. What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The respondent obtained a credit prod
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