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  1. No unfortunately as I shredded all paperwork but have found an old statement with card details I have contacted my bank for a copy of the cheque that I deposited it was for £3.900 once I have received the copy I will write to Monument or Raphaels to track the cheque payment they have to keep records for 6 years I believe. I suppose the Inland Revenue get the tax put into an holding account until people claim a refund expect there’s an awful lot of claims to deal with. Thanks for replying
  2. Read the notes but without paper work from Monument I do t know how much they charged income tax on, I've called HMRC and they don’t have records of PPI or PBP tax so they say, and Monument seem to have vanished cannot find phone numbers only a Barclays helpline who say I don’t exist on their database,
  3. I’m under the impression that You have to have a certificate or breakdown with the amount paid that’s why I need to contact monument for a breakdown of intrest paid etc
  4. Can anyone please help me with an Address for Monument Credit card In August 2016 I received a cheque for a payment break plan refund from Monument Credit card , I have no paperwork of the breakdown for the payment as I shredded lots of old paper work and this being amongst it, I can only see on the internet that Barclays took over monument I have contacted Barclays with my monument credit card number from an old statement that I have found yet, they say there is no record on their data base, I am trying to reclaim the Tax deducted as at the t
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