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  1. Will surely do, thanks a lot for the information provided. I appreciate the help
  2. Thank you, yes - she confirmed I owed nothing and that its fully cancelled and that if I wanted to rejoin at a later date, to let her know that she would write off the joining fee. Its a small independent gym, and the staff usually works closely with the owner, there was a lot of miscommunication which she recognized as I called her out on the things they previously told me.
  3. went there in person, mentioned she said i could cancel it, she denied but then remembered it. Ended up cancelling the membership and wiping out this months pay. Thanks all
  4. Hello All Bit of a sticky situation, I've been trying to cancel my membership since the end of October. I was told I had to give a 10 day notice. I said fair enough, then asked about freezing my account - which I was told I could do at any time during the month without giving notice. However, I tried that a couple of days ago and they said I had to give a 10 day notice and a 28 day notice for cancelling it. They are obviously feeding me misinformation, but it wasn't emailed or anything so I can't provide any actual proof. They charged me again this month for £48, but since I had cancelled the direct debit last month - I got the payment refunded. When I called the gym, I was told that they would pass my case to the debt collector as I should've given notice. Any advice you guys can give me?
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